Weekly workout plan: April 23-29

I’m going to try to keep myself accountable by posting my weekly workout plans every Sunday.  It’s much harder to wimp out once everyone can openly judge me for it, right?  RIGHT?

This week my focus is on easing back into the groove of training after almost 3 weeks off, and coming to terms with the fact that my first triathlon of the season (olympic distance at the Columbia Triathlon) is coming up in less than a month.  (EEP!)

In light of all that, my priorities for the week are:

1) Get into a regular schedule as far as alternating training days for each discipline.  Swim on Monday and Thursday, Bike/brick on Tuesday and Saturday, Run on Wednesday and Sunday.

2) Incorporate at least 2 strength sessions.  I want to keep up at least 2 strength sessions a week that I do on my own, targeted at strengthening complementary muscles for triathlon performance.  This is aside from the once or twice per week I hope to continue working with my amazing personal trainer, Cali, for cross-training and strength (*ahem* torture).

3) Get into the habit of getting my sport-specific/cardio sessions done first thing in the AM before work.

4) Be ready and rarin’ to run a 10K on Saturday for a friend’s charity.

5) Start habit of yoga once a week!

So, this week’s plan:

Monday – 1600 M swim

Tuesday – AM: 50 min spin on trainer, PM: strength

Wednesday – 45 min run w/speed intervals, PM: strength

Thursday – 1600 M swim

Friday – Rest

Saturday – CASA Run for the Children 10K.  Due to this race, I switched long bike/long run days from the planned regular schedule.  The 10K will be my “long” run for the week.

Sunday – 30 mile ride w/hills

Sometime – YOGA!  I’ve resolved to practice yoga at least once a week, because I know it’s great for training, both for strength and flexibility.  But I don’t love the studio in my neighborhood, so I’m going to start experimenting with other studios, classes, etc.  All dependent on scheduling…so it may take some creativity.

Of course my bow-pulling pose looks this good. Of COURSE.
photo credit: http://www.theverve360.com/wellness-services/yoga/

Super awesome trainer Cali has a busy schedule this week so we weren’t able to work in a training session.  My weekly schedules may start to get a bit more complicated once I start working that in.  Especially since I tend to leave those sessions and spend the next 24 hours with all my muscles feeling like you-know-what:

Jello actually kinda creeps out my quasi-vegetarian-ness, but you get the idea.

I don’t intend to blog about every single workout, but DO plan to summarize at the end of each week.  Keep me accountable, peoples.


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