Weekly workout plan: April 30 – May 6

First, I have to cop to falling short of last week’s goals.  One by one, here’s how I fared:

1) Regular workout schedule – I did OK here.  Was out too late Wednesday so switched my rest day to Thursday and second swim to Friday.  I also toned down my Sunday ride from a 30 miler with hills to a 25 miler flat and easy on the trail.  This was partly because Saturday was a late night, but also because I had the pleasure to ride with a buddy on Sunday – the lovely D, who will be joining me at the Poconos 70.3! – and it was a gorgeous day so it seemed more appropriate to just enjoy the beautiful sunshine and chat as we rode along.  I also snapped this photo as I waited for D to meet me at the trailhead:

Like, duh?

The fact that the sign is even remotely necessary is why that trail is really only appropriate for sunshiney chatty fun Sunday rides.

2) At least 2 at home strength sessions – Fail.  I did one at home this week.

3) Get in the AM cardio habit – Success!  I’m really getting into the groove with this.  Makes me so much more productive for the rest of the day, too.

4) Be ready for the Fairfax CASA Run for the Children 10K on Saturday.  Check.

5) Yoga once per week – Fail.  No yoga last week.

So, goals for this week?  The ones I didn’t manage last week, of course!  Plus another couple fun ones.

1) At least at home 2 strength sessions.  This should be easier when the balance ball and resistance bands I ordered finally arrive, hopefully in the next day or two.

2) Yoga! For real this time!

3) One serious brick workout. The Columbia Tri is coming up so fast and I’ve only done one brick, and that was pre-Zambia.

4) At least one workout with awesome butt-kicking trainer Cali.

This week’s plan:

Monday – AM: drill swim, PM: at-home strength

Tuesday – Brick 25-30 mile bike (with hills) + 30 min run

Wednesday – AM: 1600 m swim, PM: easy 45 min run

Thursday – AM: yoga, PM: at-home strength or Cali

Friday – AM: 5-6 mile run w/drills, PM: at-home strength or Cali

Saturday – rest (that is, if you consider a day of drinking in fancy hats at Gold Cup to be “rest”)

Sunday – longish easy bike, depending on the severity of my post-Gold Cup state

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