Weekly Workout Plan: May 7-13

First, a review of how I fared with last week’s goals.

1) At least at home 2 strength sessions.  Again failed at this one.  Still haven’t even inflated the balance ball.

2) Yoga! For real this time!  Done!  I went to a Thursday AM class at the studio in my neighborhood.  The verdict: I still need to try other studios – this one’s just not doing it for me.

3) One serious brick workout. Done!  Tuesday I did a 30 mile ride with a 2 mile run tacked on the end for a brick.  The run was KILLER.

4) At least one workout with awesome butt-kicking trainer Cali.  DONE!

In terms of my planned workout schedule, I didn’t do great, but also not terribly.  I had a lot of muscle soreness and general fatigue this week, resulting in dropping some workouts.  But I think my plan was maybe too aggressive.  As compared to the plan, I dropped my Wednesday night run, moved Friday AM run to Saturday AM and dropped it to 4ish miles instead of 5-6, dropped the Friday second at-home strength session, and dropped today’s bike (which I was making optional for myself anyway, so don’t feel too bad about that one…and I may yet hop on the trainer or head outside for at least 30 min of easy spin).

This means I basically had both Friday and Sunday off, in both cases due to drinking too much the day/night before.  This is a habit I MUST kick before half iron training starts in full.

Goals for this week


1) At least at home 2 strength sessions.  No more slacking on this.  2 sessions with Cali and one strength session at home!

2) Spend at least 15 minutes on three nights this week stretching/foam rolling/using the stick.  Gotta take good care of those joints and muscles!

3) One serious brick workout. Even though it will only be about a week before Columbia Tri, I’m really using that as a training kick-off race so not terribly worried about tapering for it.

And this week’s plan:

Monday – AM: 45 min drill swim, PM: at-home strength

Tuesday – AM: 1 hour bike with drills/speed (outside or on trainer), PM: Cali

Wednesday – AM: 45 min with drills/speed, PM: rest

Thursday – AM: 45 min endurance swim, PM: at-home strength or Cali

Friday – yoga (depending on schedule) and at-home strength or Cali

Saturday – 25-30 mile bike + 20-30 min run

Sunday – 45 min-1 hour easy run

UPDATE: I’m actually going to be able to work out with Cali TWICE this week!  This means I’m taking off the 2 at-home strength sessions goal.  Two with Cali and only one at home should be puhhhhlenty of strength for the week.  I’ve edited my goals and plan to account for this very exciting development.  🙂

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