Some days, it just clicks.

Today was one of those days for me in the pool.  Maybe it was that I swam after work instead of first thing in the AM, maybe it was the catch-ups I started my drill set with, or maybe someone just snuck some wheaties into my black bean wrap at lunch.

I’m not a terrible swimmer, but I’m far from a good one either.  So I’ve set a goal of focusing on drills, especially in the first part of the season.  I’m also trying to stay always aware of my body position because I know I lose a lot of time from not being horizontal in the water, or what I lovingly call the upside down butt drag (otherwise known as “swimming uphill”).

Today, I could feel my toes towards the top of the water meaning HORIZONTAL SUCCESS!  I also felt like my arm stroke was in a great place today – long, powerful, and comfortable.   And at least up until the last few 100 repeats, my breathing felt relaxed and great!

Click! Click! Click! Swimming, today I heart you so. 🙂

Something to read: Female Physiology and Psychology in Ironman Training over at Beyond Transition.

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