Mother’s Day Weekend

Every year for Mother’s Day weekend we head up to Hubz’s parents house.  My mother-in-law has a birthday that regularly coincides with Mom’s day, as does one of our nephews, so it’s always a big affair.

So, this morning I rocked a 28 mile bike ride (despite the fact that my rear shifter isn’t working at present EVEN THOUGH MY BIKE LITERALLY JUST CAME BACK FROM A TUNE-UP AT THE SHOP THIS WEEK *grumble grumble*) followed by a 10 minute brick run.  Then we hit the road.

requisite road trip iced coffee shot

We stopped for lunch and hang out at Hubz’s uncle’s house, then stopped for early pizza dinner with his Gram, then on to nephew’s birthday cake at my sister-in-law’s house.  So you know, banner day for healthy eating.  :p

Then we hit up Target for some work essentials and are now relaxing with some wine with the In-Laws.  Tomorrow morning – heart rate zone test!

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