Weekly Workout Plan: May 14-20

Review of last week’s goals

1) 2 sessions with Cali and one strength session at home!  Done!  Did not get in any at-home strength sessions though.  Bad.

2) Spend at least 15 minutes on three nights this week stretching/foam rolling/using the stick.  TOTAL. FAIL.

3) One serious brick workout. Done kinda.  On Saturday before hitting the road to PA, I did about a 30 mile bike and then a 10 minute run.  I felt MUCH stronger this time than the last, which is good for my pre-race confidence.  I would have kept the run up longer, but Hubz keeps me on a tight travel schedule.  🙂

Also, no yoga happened this week, due to my stupid nagging heel pain.  Barefoot is not a pleasant feeling right now, so yoga seemed inadvisable.

Goals for this week:

1)  Find wetsuit, or else I may have problems on Sunday…

2)  Keep my legs strong but loose, and rest up plenty.  The Columbia Triathlon is a notoriously tough and hilly course for both the bike and the run.

3)  3 dedicated foam rolling/stick rolling/stretching sessions.  To get in the habit, and also to assist in goal #2.

And this week’s plan:

Monday – AM: rest, PM: 2000 yard swim including zone test

Tuesday – AM: 45 min bike, PM: at-home strength or Cali

Wednesday – AM: 35 min cadence run, PM: at-home strength or Cali

Thursday – AM: 1200 yard swim, PM: rest and tri club happy hour

Friday – mini-brick, yoga (?)

Saturday – REST

Sunday – Columbia Triathlon!

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