TV Tuesday: The Bachelorette (Southern Comfort) Season Premiere

Last night saw the return of my guiltiest and pleasure-iest guilty pleasure: THE BACHELORETTE.  I just absolutely love zoning out after a long Monday with a little bit (ok, a lot) of silly drama and the attempted wise musings of Chris Harrison.  And this season there’s an added bonus in the fact that the Bachelorette is Emily Maynard!

I have not been this excited (in a positive way) about a Bachelorette in quite some time, like, since Deanna‘s season.  What can I say, reality TV hath no fury like a woman scorned by Brad Womack.

5 Reasons I love Emily:

1) She’s funny. On purpose.

2) From all we can tell, she’s an amazingly awesome and dedicated mom.

3) She was like, sure ABC, I’ll be the Bachelorette, but you’re gonna film it in Charlotte because I’m not disrupting my kid’s life.  (See how that works, Mesnick?)  The Charlotte locale also why I have nicknamed this season “The Bachelorette: Southern Comfort.”

4) She wears beautiful dresses like this!


5) As a general rule, I do not judge women based on their looks, but obviously she is ADORBZ.

5 Reasons I am so excited about this season, both from prior knowledge and promos:

1) She’s going to ambush the guys on a group date with an army of children.


3) She drops the f-bomb when some dude refers to her daughter as baggage?  You go.

4) Chris Harrison in the midst of a divorce.  I am not at all celebrating his tragedy, but the idea of our most wise half-host half-therapist counseling Emily and her suitors in this context can’t help but make for some great TV.

5) So so many more one-shouldered dresses to come!

We already had a number of memorable moments in the premiere – guy dressed as a grandma, anyone? – but it usually takes me the first few episodes to get really into a Bachelor/ette season…there are still just so many potential suitors.  Rest assured, another Emily Maynard-centric TV Tuesday sometimes in the next few months is almost a guarantee.

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