Hippy Trippy

This morning I went out for an easy 45 minute bike ride, with the idea of loosening up the muscles and not pushing it too hard since the Columbia Tri is only 48 hours away.

Instead of an easy spin, I ended up hobbling back into the house with a nasty pinching in my left hip.  NOT COOL.  I’m actually used to having pain in my right hip, due to some musculo-skeletal balances that I’ve been fighting for years.  In the left hip? This is a new thing.  And I’m not pleased with it rearing its ugly head two days before my triathlon season kick-off race.

I spent some good time tonight stretching and rolling, and plan to do the same and pack the tools with me for hotel time tomorrow night.  Otherwise, it’ll be time for some painkillers and grin and bear it strategy.

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