Weekly Workout Plan: June 4-10

Today is the fourth week in my HIM training plan.  This plan is set up on a 3 weeks build, 1 week recover schedule.  So this is rest week!  Plus, it’s the first rest week, so pretty much the easiest week I’ll have until after the race, I think.  Might as well enjoy it!

Goals for the week:

1) Get somewhat regulated with incorporating my 2 strength sessions per week.  This has somewhat fallen out of the plan since Columbia Tri.  But strength work – especially core and hip work in my case – is going to be crucial to my ability to go long for the HIM in September.

2) Foam roll/stick 2-3 nights while sitting at home letting my brain rot in front of the teevee.

Without further ado, this week’s plan:

Monday – AM: Upper body and core (at home), PM: 1000 m swim

Tuesday – 45 min easy bike

Wednesday – 30 min easy run, Cali

Thursday – 1100 m swim

Friday – rest

Saturday – 1 hour easy bike w/ sprints

Sunday – 40 min easy run

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