Weekly Workout Plan: July 15-22

It’s my birthweek!!!

In addition to an 80s-wear-encouraged bar/dance party, the universe has seen fit to wish me a happy birthday with the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.  SO.  PUMPED.

Goals for the week:

1)  2 strength sessions

2)  foam roll/stick roll sessions every day

Last week awesome trainer Cali called me out for not foam rolling enough.  I promised to try to do it every day I do activity (which is…every day…)

Also, this Friday I turn 30.  As in years old.  I am still trying to avoid coming to grips with my getting old-ness.  Foam rolling helps my knees not ache and creak so much, so I’m all for that.

This week’s plan:

M: 2000 yard swim

Tu: AM: 45 min bike with strength intervals; PM: trainer session

W: AM: 40 min speed run/track workout; PM: strength

Th: 2100 yard swim

F: 3 hour bike + 20 min brick run; birthday dance party!

Sa: Rest

Su: 1 hour 50 min long run with 30 min tempo interval

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