Kittay buzz cuts and birth week surprises

In blog-appropriate training news, I managed to knock out a speed workout first thing this AM, before the 100 degree temp reared its ugly head.  It was mostly sticky.  In the context of this heat and humidity, I have no idea if the splits I hit were where I wanted them to be, so I’ll just call it a win and move on to more exciting things…like…

Somebody got a hair cut today!


Personally, I think he just wanted to look nice for my birth week.

Yep, birth week!  I’ve adopted the tradition of celebrating the whole week of my birth, because is a day really ever enough?  I picked this up from my friends T & C (who have recently fled the Disco for greener southern suburban pastures – boo…).  They may or may not have a whole birth week handbook.  Seriously.  I intend to request a copy before Hubz’s upcoming birthday.

In addition to Kittay’s fresh and beauteous look, today brought a few other birthweek surprises!

First, a bit of fan-errific reading soon to be had, courtesy of one of my angels, Miss A-Peachy-Keen:ImageA total surprise and totally rad!

Then, some perfectly purple flowers from the Hubz:Image

And the greatest birthweek surprise of all: I actually finished a big work project that I’ve been stressing about by today’s deadline!  Maybe this 30 year old thing is finally making me into a responsible adult?


Anyone else celebrate birth week?  

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