Surprises Galore!

Oh. My. Goodness.  When last I posted, I had no idea what was in store.  A birthweek and birthday literally CHOCK FULL of surprises!

First up, Thursday night, Hubz told me we were just heading down into the neighborhood for a casual dinner.


After we had a drink, Hubz made a nonchalant comment about folks walking in the door, so I turned around to find…MIS PADRES!  This was a whole orchestrated surprise that I had no idea was coming.


Turns out, lil sis was booked on a flight to arrive the next afternoon as well!!!

My mind was already blown.  Then, Hubz revealed the next surprise, for our trip next weekend to NYC:


Yes! He had to buy these tickets all the way back last October…that’s how hot this show still is.  I was already super pumped about our trip but now I am super trooper duper pumped (technical term).

Friday morning I gave myself the birthday gift of a sweaty 10 mile run.

I was supposed to do my long ride that morning, but rearranged so I could meet the padres after they finished their fancy guided Capitol tour.

Lil Sis arrived later that afternoon with plentiful delicious treats! Shortly thereafter, newly-re-tarheeled T arrived with plentify Doctor Who windup toys!  Then, more beauteous flowers from my sisses-in-law!!!

And chocolate covered strawberries from my Maine-summering grandmother and Aunt!!!

Soon, it was time to prep and head out to the big partay.  The padres and Lil Sis hung in through much of the craziness, and even participated in my demand for 80s costumes!!! Sadly, no pics of that yet (though hopefully they are yet to come…)

I had such a great time and saw so many good friends.  There may even have been birthday shots.  But you’ll never know.

Saturday was dedicated to touristing, and we discovered a plant at the Botanical Gardens that was weirdly named after both Madre and Lil Sis?

We also hit up some museums, watched the Nats (mostly) win against the Braves, and spent some time admiring the space shuttle Discovery in person.  Then it was sadly time to bid adieu to the fam – they are off to the beach for the rest of the week.

So after all that, 30 doesn’t feel too bad!  Although, I think I may be surprised out for the next few decades. Ready for a few days of normalcy (watching Breaking Bad marathon-style and eating all the leftovers in the fridge)…then mini-vacay to NY and the Shore.

And maybe sometime, getting hardcore about tri training again?

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