Flu Blues

What a way to start a training season. Wouldn’t you know it, on just my 3rd day of official IM training, I came down with some sory of nasty nasty bug.


I felt it coming on for most of the day on Wednesday, but my innate stubborn-itude took over and I convinced myself I just ate something a little bad. So I powered through the day of work and forced myself to the gym for a zone 2 indoor (spin/treadmill) brick. I made it through a 30 minute spin without too much strife, but once I hopped on the ‘mill I knew something was off. Running DEFINITELY wasn’t happening so I figured I could at least power through a power walk…but then I couldn’t even finish my allotted time doing that. Sigh.


After an unpleasant metro and walk home, I collapsed on the couch next to Hubz’s horrified look and exclamation of “YOU LOOK TERRIBLE.” Officially down and out.

It was a miserable Wednesday night, and Thursday was no better. So much not better that I even used a sacred sick day from work and bundled up on the couch. Still down and out. The 6 block walk to and from CVS for ginger ale and tomato soup felt like a workout enough.

Today I’m back at work (while newly infected Hubz is bearing the worst of it at home today). While the stubborn-itude wants me to jump back on the wagon and at least tackle my 30 minute run this evening, I know it’s better to take this second full day of rest. Ok fine, I would stll do it, but Hubz would never let me off the couch and out the door.  So focused on healthy choices, that one.  So yep, still down and out.

Luckily this first week of training was scheduled as a pretty easy one, so my Type A isn’t totally wigging out…yet.  Here’s hoping that by tomorrow my body will allow me an hour easy spin on the trainer (accompanied by the last episode or two of Justified Season 1…so hooked and there’s no way I’m going to catch up in time for the premiere of the new season!), and a Sunday funday easy run.  Only 29+ weeks til IMLP, people, no time to lose!

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