Weekly Workout Plan: January 7-13, 2013 (IMLP Training Week 2 of 30)

Week 2 of 30 on the road to Ironman!



Monday: AM – 2500 yard swim; PM – strength workout (??? – depending on time and energy level)
Tuesday: 30 minute Z2 run
Wednesday: AM – 45 minute Z2 transition (30 bike into 15 run); PM – strength workout or trainer session
Thursday: AM – 2500 yard swim; PM – 30 min Z1 high (100+) RPM bike
Friday: AM – 45 minute Z2 run; PM – strength workout or trainer session
Saturday: 90 minute Z2 bike
Sunday: 60 minute Z2 run

You will observe that there is NO REST DAY this week. This is abnormal, and also generally a big no-no. It’s an exception. Because I had two unexpected rest days last week, and for purposes of spreading out the time commitment, I moved my Tuesday swim to Monday. I’ve got a couple Habitat related phone calls on Monday and Tuesday nights, so this just makes my life a little less hectic. Starting next week I’ll be back to the normalcy of a scheduled full day of rest. So don’t get on my case – I know just as well as this guy that rest days are the most important.

hammock kitty

This week I will also be starting to follow some serious food rules.  The rules are tailored to the next 9 weeks of training (the remainder of the 10 week “base phase”).  More on that to come tomorrow.

For now, have a restful Sunday night and DON’T FORGET TO DOWNTON!  Unless you’re smart and savvy enough to have streamed it months ago instead of being a slave to the delayed stateside broadcast.  I am not.  So I’m super jazzed.

P.S. I would be remiss as a proud Disco-er if I did not mention the other biggie on TV tonight, the Redskins playoff game against the Seahawks happening right now as I type.  We in the DiscoRunner household are not Skins fans, but we are of course watching, and I do appreciate anything that helps build a little extra Disco pride around these parts!

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