Team Effort

Something very exciting happened yesterday…I joined a tri team!

The Bike Rack Multisport team, to be exact!


The decision to do so came about pretty quickly.  I have been a member of DC Tri, which is a large and successful tri club, since moving back to DC a year and a half ago.  I attended and volunteered at several club events, hit up a few happy hours, and participated in the half iron training group last season.  But the club is very large, and unfortunately I often found myself overwhelmed with the size of the group.  I never managed to really find my niche.

Nonetheless, I have always thought I would really enjoy and benefit from having a support group for tri training.  Not gonna lie, I get jealous of all the cool kids at races in their cool matching kits, cheering each other on and enjoying post-race goodies together in their team tents.  Plus, the practical benefits of having a team to train with can’t be beat.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago, when I met a new co-worker of Hubz, at his annual work holiday party.  It took no more than 20 seconds for R2 and I to start yapping about triathlon, and she mentioned that she was considering joining the Bike Rack Multisport team.  I had heard of the team but assumed it was a super intense performance-focused team for awesomely fast people.  I don’t exactly fit in that category.

The I started investigating, and what I learned about BRM made it sound very enticing.  BRM was started by the folks at fantastic local bike shop The Bike Rack (I have blogged about their awesome shop, clinics, and community before).  It is not, in fact, a fast people only team, but rather has members of all different abilities and experience levels. It has its share of elites and podium contenders, but also its share of middle-of-the-pack age groupers like yours truly.  BRM is dedicated to being a cohesive team rather than a large club. They aim to keep their membership to a reasonable number so that everyone really gets to know and support each other.  They train hard together, race hard together, and most importantly, really enjoy hanging out together.  Plus, the commitments are not only doable but totally fun.  Race in the team kit at 2 races, 1 of which must be a designated team race, and volunteer at a team event.  Easy peasy.  (Plus the team kits are rad looking.)

Because the emphasis is on great group chemistry, BRM requires potential new members to attend a team event before joining.  So R2 and I went to a team happy hour on Thursday night at (team sponsor) Meridian Pint for a little meet and greet and schmooze.  And what I learned was that these BRM folks are cool.  And fun.  And friendly.  And not judge-y.  Overall awesome. I met some of the awesome team and board members, and chatted at some length about what I’ve got coming to me at Lake Placid.  I had a great night and didn’t once feel like I was struggling to find my place, and I left with the sense that I could feel at home in the group and fully supported by it.

When I woke up the next morning, it was decided: BRM was for me.

I emailed one of the VPs first thing in the AM to let her know I was definitely interested.  And by the afternoon I had the good news that they were interested in me too.  I paid my (totally reasonable, btw) dues, and the rest is history.

So, it’s official, I’m on a tri team!  I’m super jazzed about training and racing with these folks.  And of course about recounting my tales here at discorunner.

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