Weekly Workout Plan: January 14-20, 2013 (IMLP Training Week 3)

First, the wrap up.  Week 2 was largely a success.  My legs were definitely feeling the fact that I hadn’t trained hard (or like, ridden a bike for more than 45 minutes on the trainer’s easiest setting) in more than 3 months.  But I survived with little worse than a bit of soreness and weird knee achy/poppy-ness.

And now, on to week 3!  This weekend is a long one as next Monday is both MLK Jr. Day holiday and Inauguration Day.  For Obama’s first Inauguration I did it up right, with standing room tickets to the (bloody FREEZING cold) ceremony, and to the fancy official Southern States ball.  It was awesome and unforgettable.

But we’re getting old and it’s time to face the facts.  The city is just nutso for Inauguration weekend, and I get beyond punchy when the metro gets too crowded.  So this time Hubz and I are getting the heck out of Dodge.  We’re off to Little Rock to visit our newly married (and expecting!) friends A and “seersucker” R for some hiking, bourbon, BBQ, and bluegrass.

The trip puts a bit of a damper on my weekend training plans.  Mainly, it looks like I’m going to have to skip my long ride and probably my long run for the week.  But we’re still in easy base building phase and I’ve got a lot of time left ’til race day, so I’m not going to sweat it.  (<—Look at how totally reasonable and chill and well-rounded I’m being!  Don’t worry.  It won’t last.)

Monday:  2500 yard swim
Tuesday: AM – 45 minute Z2 run; PM – strength
Wednesday: AM – 2500 yard swim; PM – 45 minute Z2 transition (30 bike into 15 run)
Thursday: AM – 45 minute Z1 high (100+) RPM bike; PM – trainer strength session
Friday: 60 minute Z2 run
Saturday: HIKING in Arkansas!  🙂
Sunday: Likely rest day (possible TBD run…depending on Arkansas plans and post-Saturday mental and physical state…or possibly more hiking.)

And speaking of Arkansas…I am now happily watching the Golden Globes, and squeeing out of control at Tina, Amy, and the very pleasant surprise appearance of His Majesty William J. Clinton!!!

Sigh.  I miss him.

Although I am on a slight DVR delay as we spent the better part of the evening at Bryan Voltaggio’s new restaurant Range (my mixed reviews on that to come later).  I get a little angsty when I can’t properly follow the live blogs, so I gotta get serious about the rest of awards season.  But so far, I am beyond pleased with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s hilarity, and I would be remiss if I failed to mention how very exciting it is to see BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! casually on my TV.  ❤

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