Big Kids’ Pool

One thing that’s super awesome about being a resident of the Disco is that the (sadly sans-Knope) Department of Parks and Recreation runs a number of indoor pool facilities that are free to DC residents.  Both the pool in my old and new neighborhoods are really great – clean and well-maintained.  Plus “my” new pool has the added benefit of not being swamped with fellow triathletes all jockeying for lane position at 6:30 AM opening time.  Oh yeah, and it also has a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE.  Amazing post-workout pre-work treat for those creaky back and shoulder muscles.

panda hot tub

Most of the DC pools are standard 25 yard-ers.  But there is one DC pool in its own Olympic size class.  The city’s swimmers, triathletes, and avid water aerobicizers whisper its name with nothing short of reverence: “Wilson….”

It happens to be on my way to my evening classes at AU, so I take my opportunities to (literally) bathe in its glory whenever I get the chance.  Like today. For the first time since September, I did my swim workout in this utter beauty’s full 50 meters in length:

dpr_WilsonLeadThe Wilson pool really is the USS Enterprise of the DPR aquatic facilities.  Not only is it the only Olympic size pool in the fleet, but the lanes are wide, the whole facility is brand spanking new and remarkably well-maintained (including its own little hot tub action), and I swear it is the only pool kept at the proper lap swimming temperature of just-a-wee-bit-freezing.  Love it.

I must admit, at the end of a workout in that pool, I’m extra spent.  Even though my total distance may be the same, there’s a BIG jump from a 25 yard length to a 50 meter length, in both the physical conditioning and in the mental/boredom/dear-lord-I-forgot-how-many-laps-I’ve-done game.  Great for training.  Bad for my increasingly chlorine-frizzified hair.

Starting in a couple weeks, I’m hoping I’ll be able to meet up for team swims at Wilson as well, which should give me that extra EXTRA kick in the booty.  😉


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