Weekly Workout Plan: January 21-27, 2013 (IMLP Week 4)

In honor of week four…a tribute to one of my favorite films.

photo via imdb.com

photo via imdb.com

What do you mean you’ve never seen Four Rooms?  What is wrong with you.  Go, get ye to your Roku or other fancy streaming device and watch it like, yesterday.

Anyway, last week’s workouts turned out a bit different than I had planned.  Hubz was struck with the Flu Part Deux (bigger and badder than ever) so we cancelled our planned trip to Arkansas for hiking/hanging/reveling in the glory of Clintonia.

By the way, did you see the hounds tooth scarf Bill was sporting yesterday at the inaugural festivities?  So stylish it hurts.

THE original power couple.  *Swoon*photo via news.yahoo.com

THE original power couple. *Swoon*
photo via news.yahoo.com

Since we were DC-bound for the weekend, I was able to knock out my long ride and long run per the IM plan.  My weekend long rides are super crucial for me right now, so I was jazzed to get out there.  During the week it’s too cold/dark/inconvenient to actually ride outside, so I log those hours on the trainer or a spin bike.


I foolishly thought it would be fun to ride down to the National Mall on Sunday to check out the pre-inaugural hubbub.  Super dumb idea.  Upon realizing I couldn’t really get any further south than M Street without having to hop some barriers, I reversed course and rode out toward Silver Spring-ish and back.  Much more relaxing.

On that note, I should note that Hubz and I stayed home in lieu of any inaugural celebration events.  I thought briefly about repeating the super fun (cold) time that was 2009.  But the fact remained that we moved into our beautiful new house over a month ago and still had boxes to unpack and furniture to arrange.  Seriously, we even had a bunch of brand new rugs that were delivered weeks ago that we hadn’t even unrolled and laid down.  They really tie the room together.


Since we had a surprise free day home together, we decided to bite the bullet and get the house put together.  Add some Chinese delivery and minute-by-minute ceremony and parade coverage and we had the makings for a fantastic (albeit slightly exhausting) day.

Anyway.  Not a day too late (except actually two days too late), my workout plan for the coming week.  This is the first recovery week of my plan, as it generally follows a 3 week build to 1 week recovery pattern.  Since mileage is still pretty low, it only seems like a tiny reprieve at this point, but it’ll be nice nonetheless.

Monday: REST (to the extent that running up and down stairs and moving furniture and doing 79,000 loads of laundry all day counts as rest)
Tuesday: AM – 2500 yard swim; PM – 30 minute Z2 run
Wednesday: AM – strength (with personal trainer); PM – 45 minute Z2 transition (30 minute bike into 15 minute run)
Thursday: AM – 2500 yard swim; PM – 30 minute Z1 bike (100+ RPM)
Friday: AM – 45 minute Z2 run; PM – strength
Saturday: 90 minute Z2 bike
Sunday: 8 mile run

This week I’m diverting slightly from my pre-established plan and switching to distance based long runs rather than time based.  This is because of my (perhaps ill-conceived) decision last week to add a half marathon in March. Yeah, more on that wackiness to come.

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