Weekly Workout Plan: January 28 – February 3, 2013 (IMLP Training Week 5)

High five y’all.  For week five.

Did you know that to land the perfect high five, all you have to do is look at the elbow of your fellow high fiver?  It’s true. It’s science.  My former trainer Cali (who is now in Cali, like, in charge of Crossfit everywhere or something) taught me this, and it totally changed my life.  High fives are a requisite skill for triathletes, because it is required to cheer on your fellow racers at all times and in any way possible.

I happen to think that I also deserve a high five because last week was a resounding success!  I actually stuck to the plan in *almost* every respect.  The only workout I dropped was my second strength session of the week on Friday afternoon.  This was because I was on a tight schedule to get myself to Honey Pig for a totally gluttonous double date of Korean BBQ.

Many people don’t realize that gluttony is the key to both friendship and everlasting love.  Seriously people, more science.

It is also the key to awesome triathlon team bonding.  Hence, I spent Sunday night potlucking with the Bike Rack Multisport team.  Delicious pizza, wine, and a super impressive spread of homemade salads, sides, and cookies.  Plus, hours upon hours of tri talk!  This stuff can’t be beat.  Of course the potlucks are held at team members’ houses, because this many yapping triathletes in public would be an obnoxious hazard to the general public.

I also spent Saturday afternoon at a super duper helpful tri team training talk/clinic and learned oodles and oodles of stuff.  I can’t wait to review the powerpoint (NERD ALERT!)  I had any number of conversations at both events that should have scared the living poop out of me about Ironman, but instead just made me even more excited.

Here’s how week five is looking:

Monday: REST
Tuesday: AM – 45 min Z2 run; PM – 2500 yard swim
Wednesday: AM – strength (with personal trainer); PM – 45 minute Z2 transition (30 minute bike into 15 minute run)
Thursday: AM – 45-60 minute run; PM – 2500 yard swim
Friday: AM – 45 minute Z1 (100+ RPM) bike; PM – strength
Saturday: Hike with Hubz!!! or 8-10 mile run
Sunday: 2 hour Z2 bike

My workout plans may soon start looking a little different due to some potential (VERY EXCITING) developments in the near future…about which I shall, for now, remain mysterious…

Oh yes. You have been Bowie’d.

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