Weekly Workout Plan: February 4-10, 2013 (25 weeks to IMLP)

As promised, I will continue posting a general idea of my weekly workout plans to the blog.  This week is seeing an increase in time over the last few weeks, but not dramatically.  I’m also going to start counting down to my A race.  Seems much more dramatic that way.

This week will also see my butt getting kicked in both a run test and bike test.  I’ll be doing the run test on my own, and the bike test in my coaches’ trainer pain cave.  I am dreading every second of them.  The purpose of these tests is to find my threshold heart rate and thereby set my heart rate zones for training.  Heart rate zone training is wicked important for long course tri training.

Through the bike test we will also determine my power output.  I’m still not really sure what I will gain from knowing that and how I will improve it, but I intend to master it and transform into:


A bit belated, but here’s my week:

Monday: 2000 yard swim
Tuesday: AM – 40 min run; PM – strength
Wednesday: AM – 55 min bike w/ intervals; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – run test (60 min total); PM – 1800 yard swim
Friday: 2100 yard swim
Saturday: bike test (45 min total)
Sunday: AM – 85 min run; PM – 60 min easy spin

And this is just the beginning.  Hmmm…should I start adding “wine” entries to the weekly schedule?

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