Three Things Thursday

1.  Threshold heart rate test: the run installment.  I did my run test this morning.  It was cold as crap and I ran around a tiny little track at the local rec center as many times and as fast as possible without collapsing.  It was mostly terrible, and I am, to put it nicely, destroyed.

I just hope that whatever data my little Garmin is holding becomes the key to my running success.

2.  Nemo.  The super monster winter storm isn’t going to hit the Disco, but it is heading straight for our family north and east of us.  So Hubz may have to cancel his plans to head up that way.  Stay safe, warm, and dry folks.

nemololcat3.  Chocolate.  Or rather the lack thereof.  Our house is out of chocolate.  UNACCEPTABLE.  Unfortunately, the combo of the cold air outside and the tired, sore (and thus now lazy) muscles inside means I might have to suck it up and eat some yogurt.

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