Weekly Workout Plan: February 11-17, 2013 (24 weeks to IMLP)

Last week was my first week this training cycle of over 10 hours of training.  Actually I ended up clocking in around 11.5 hours…no wonder it was a little rough waking up this morning.


I’ve noticed the effect of the increased training in other ways as well…mainly in one way.  For about the last 3 days I’ve been absolutely RAVENOUS.  Like, at all times.  I’m still doing pretty well in terms of healthy eating (besides a little dalliance Saturday night with some delicious Menomale pizza), but the volume of healthy eating looks to be on the increase.

Of course, last week I also hit it hard on a run test and a bike test, and I now have some results that I at least somewhat understand.  My coaches have set my heart zone ranges for various training purposes so I’ll be a dutiful heart rate monitor wearer for the next five months.

More on all that testing and whatnot to come.  For now, this week’s plan:

Monday: AM – rest (sleep in!); PM – strength
Tuesday: AM – 55 min run; PM – 2100 yard swim
Wednesday: AM – 60 min bike with intervals; PM – off (bike fit appointment)
Thursday: AM – 70 min run; PM – 1800 yard swim
Friday: AM – 70 min bike with intervals; PM – strength or yoga
Saturday: REST
Sunday: 80 min run

In addition to my training, I’ve got one very exciting training-related thing on the docket for this week…on Wednesday night I’ll be getting a professional bike fit.  I’ve never been properly fit to my bike, and as a result I have a lot of knee, neck, and back problems.  At least, I think they are partly due to fit issues.  Think enough to sink some $$ into getting situated.

I am also considering whether to clip some aerobars onto my road bike (I don’t have a tri/TT bike and can’t afford to drop the moolah to get one anytime soon).  I’m still gathering professional (and unprofessional?) opinions on the subject and have yet to decide.  Any thoughts and/or recommendations?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Plan: February 11-17, 2013 (24 weeks to IMLP)

  1. Nice Job! Can’t wait to hear about your testing!

    Wait until later in the season when you are up to 18-20hrs(or later–closer to the race) of training a week…then you will be really Ravenous! 😦

    Aero–is really good for a flat course…I have clip on’s on a road bike…that work just as well…and a road bike is WAY BETTER for climbing…which you will be doing a lot of!! 🙂 BUT if you are getting a bike fit…you will want to get it fit WITH the aero bars. A bike fit is a GREAT idea…I bet it helps a lot!!!

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