Weekly Workout Plan: February 18-24, 2013 (23 weeks to IMLP)

Last week wasn’t quite perfect.  I missed my Thursday morning 70 minute run because I tossed and turned all night and just couldn’t get out of bed to do it.  Unfortunately, the extra hour-ish of pseudo-sleep didn’t do much to help my mental state.  I had super busy and challenging week at work, and for much of it I felt like I was hanging on more tenuously than a 2000 Dade County ballot chad desperately seeking my slutty pumpkin.

Hey, remember when HIMYM was good?  *Sigh.*

Hey, remember when HIMYM was good? *Sigh.*

Also not helping my resting heart rate was the fact that I didn’t make it to my weekly session of forced meditation.  Wednesday will typically be my yoga day, but last Wednesday I was doing the bike fit thing.  I considered hitting a Friday class but decided to just do my strength routine instead.

Without that run and yoga, I only clocked in about 8 total hours of training last week.  Still nothing to sneeze out this far out from the IM, but I know it’s going to get a lot harder from here.

However, one thing I’ve resolved to do this training cycle is to stress less over the rough spots.  I’m not perfect and I can’t do everything right all the time.   (*gasp!* Yes, even I can admit this.)  Missing a run here or there is no biggie, and there will be far tougher challenges between now and July (not to mention like, in LIFE and stuff).  Plus there are more important things in life than triathlon (*double gasp!!!*), and training has to take a backseat to family, friends, and work…not to mention my sanity.  So I have to take the missed workouts for what they are and move on to the next workout, day, week, month, or whatevs.

intervention lolcat

And move on I will.  This week:

Monday: AM – 55 min run; PM – rest
Tuesday: AM – 2500 yard swim; PM – rest (pick up newly fit bike shop!)
Wednesday: AM – 60 min bike with intervals; PM – Yoga
Thursday: AM – 50 min run; PM – benchmark swim test
Friday: AM – 45 min bike; PM – strength
Saturday: 2 hour bike at the Bike to the Beach Polar Bear Challenge for Autism Speaks
Sunday: 2 hour run

The Polar Bear Challenge event on Saturday sounds like great fun so I talked some friends  into doing it with me.  (No, not that kind of bear.)  For 2 hours, we will ride as many 4.5 mile loops around the National Mall as we can.  Not the most hilly or demanding of courses, but a very pretty one in one of my favorite places (after 5+ years in the Disco, I’m still just a sucker for the monuments).  And it’s to benefit a great organization that does great work.  Plus, Hubz is planning to come out of his cycling pseudo-retirement to join us!  I’m just hoping for above freezing temps…my years away from the Midwest have made me soft and weak.


This is my third base building week in a row and I should come in somewhere around 11-12 hours total.  Next week will be my first official recovery week.  I’m not quite sure what it will look like yet, but I have faith in its sleeping-in potential and I can’t wait.

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