Three Things Thursday

1.  Swim test.  Tonight I did my first swim test of my training.  Two sets of 400 as fast as possible.  Exhausting.  But I actually ended up with a slightly better pace than I expected, so it was a win.  I’ll be re-testing about once a month to see whether my hours in the pool are doing any good.

swimmy pool

2.  Weather woes.  It looks like my crew will be scrapping the plans to ride the Bike to Beach Polar Bear Challenge on Saturday.  The forecast is for rain all day.  I can handle riding in highs in the mid-40s if it’s dry, but the thought of doing so while soaked to the bone is not enticing.  Plus, I’m not sure yet if I’ll have my bike back before Saturday anyway (see below), and I think it advisable to get used to the new config on the trainer for a couple rides before heading out in downtown DC traffic…especially *rainy* downtown DC traffic.  So I’ll probably knock out my 2 hour run on Saturday (maybe before the rain hits?) and then trudge through a 2 hour trainer ride on Sunday morning.  All good calorie-burning preparation for Oscar watching (i.e. dress critiquing) with the lil J on Sunday night.  Large amounts of wine required, natch.

Yes, my kittays will be attending in black tie attire.

Yes, my kittays will be attending in black tie attire.

3.  Still bike-less.  The folks at CycleLife called tonight to let me know that my new handlebars have arrived, but we’re still waiting on the saddle.  I’ll be able to pick up my bike Saturday and use a loaner saddle to ride this weekend, but I won’t be up and riding the fully new improved Rio for a few more days.  I’ve been spending some quality time on the spin bikes at the gym, but I’m anxious to get back in the groove and get accustomed to my new set up!


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