Weekly Workout Plan: February 25-March 3, 2013 (22 weeks to IMLP)

RECOVERY WEEK!  And oh how I need it.  My legs are pretty destroyed after the last 3 weeks of base building.

In very exciting news, last night I picked up my finally complete, re-fit and re-mastered bike!  I did my first ride on it this morning.  Although the weather was decent, I did my 2 hours on the trainer as an attempt to get used to the new set-up and new pedal system.  It was a good plan.  It also meant that I finally watched the first two hours of Deadwood, which was a long time coming.  I foresee a lot of Deadwood-accompanied trainer time in the future.  (Seriously, HBO Go is the greatest.)  Nothing eases the pain like a young Timothy Olyphant.  *Swoon.*

In other news, D and I are desperately seeking appropriate lodging for Eagleman in June.  The host hotel is booked, as are most hotels in a 30 mile radius.  We may have a lead on a great place but still waiting for things to shake out before we’re sure.  Why did I not book as soon as I registered?  You’d think I would have learned by now.

In the meantime, I’ve got a lovely recovery week planned….

Monday: REST
Tuesday: AM – 1800 yard swim; PM – 30 min core
Wednesday: AM – 45 min interval bike; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 55 min run; PM – 2100 yard swim
Friday: AM – 90 min brick; PM – rest
Saturday: 55 min run
Sunday: core + strength

Since tomorrow is a sleep-in and rest day, I am enjoying the Oscars telecast in all its glory tonight.  To be fair, I’m so exhausted that I won’t make it much past 10 PM, which is fine because I *literally* did not see a single nominated movie this year.  Pitch Perfect and Bachelorette were totally my fave movies of the year, and beyond that I think I only saw Hunger Games, Dark Knight Rises, and Skyfall.  Seriously, I am not good at movies.

Also, I must admit I was super bored by the fashion choices on the red carpet.  When did everyone get so afraid of wearing color, for gosh sakes?


But at least I got to see Harry Potter sing and dance.  And the Shatner?!  (Weird.)  And also a full musical number about boobs…and let’s be honest, the rest of the show had NOTHING on the sock puppets. I think we can all agree that we need more sock puppets in our lives.

I'm sorry but it's just plain true.

I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s just plain true.

Oh look, singing!  I do like singing.  And my personal favorite moment from the Oscars – realizing that Samantha Barks is Eponine in the movie of Les Mis!!!  I was a fan of her way back when I’d Do Anything was first re-broadcast on BBC America back in 2009.

If you’ve never watched any of the BBC Andrew Lloyd Webber casting reality shows, you really have no idea what you’re missing.  I am so disappointed that I didn’t realize this newfound success for her until now.  You go, Sam!  Now maybe I will have to suck it up and go see a movie.

Aaaand…please someone make Russell Crowe stop singing.  Now.  Please.  Thanks.  I think this is a sign that it’s my bedtime.

What did you think of the Oscars telecast?  

What was your favorite movie of the year? 

How do you celebrate/enjoy your recovery weeks?  

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Plan: February 25-March 3, 2013 (22 weeks to IMLP)

  1. I used to hate recovery weeks…but i love them now! I like the extra sleep!!!

    I haven’t seen a movie in a really long time. I do want to see Silver Lining Playbook!! I think the Oscars are boring. I went to see a 50 Shades of Gray parody instead! 🙂

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