Three Things Thursday

1. Humility. This morning I did a long-ish swim and about halfway through another person joined me in the lane. Turns out she was very pregnant. At first she was just kicking with a board, all chill-like. About 5 minutes later she started swimming for real, and girl was FAST. She totally put me in my place. I only hope to be that rad when I’m preggers.


2. Treadmills…are the worst. Today I had to fit in my run at lunch. It was super windy and I didn’t want to fight downtown lunchtime traffic, so I powered through on the ‘mill. I kept my heart rate in zone 2 as required, and it felt SO miserable. A far cry from my pleasant outdoor zone 2 runs.

zombie treadmill3.  Can we please stop with the Harlem Shake?  Please?  OVER IT.


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