Weekly Workout Plan: March 4-10, 2013 (21 weeks to IMLP)

So…I have again fallen behind and into deficient blogger category.  The last week has been crazy busy with work, a SUPER fun weekend visit with friends Boston, and a big assignment and a midterm (on the same day!) in my class.  But luckily, today was a SNOW day (HURRAH!!!), giving me the chance to recover and recoup, and catch up on some things.

Also due to the weather and various closures, I’ve had to make some adjustments to the original weekly plan, so I will claim that my tardiness was really just to make sure you get the most accurate info..

Monday: 70 minute run
Tuesday: 55 minute bike with short LT intervals
Wednesday: AM – 2 hour bike; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 2100 yard swim; PM – strength
Friday: AM – 40 minute run with strides; PM – 2600 yard swim
Saturday: Four Courts Four Miler; 45 minute easy spin
Sunday: 55 minute bike with short LT intervals

I’m super excited about the four miler race on Saturday.  This will be the second year for me running this race and joining some friends for some delicious brunch at their nearby apartment.  It’s St. Patty’s day themed, and as such festive attire is required.  Unfortunately, it’s also a 2 miles downhill + 2 miles uphill course, and neither my hill work or my speed work has gotten much attention lately.  But luckily every runner gets a free beer afterward!  Who needs a medal when you have beer?


Me nearing the finish of the Four Courts Four Miler last year. Homemade tutu!

Later on Saturday night my Mom will be arriving to spend a few days with us here in the Disco!  There will be much eating, drinking, and merriment!  Plus lots of time for Mom to bond with her grand-kitties, of course.

Looking for something to read?  Check out THIS The Sweet Life post of 10 things NOT to say if you want to avoid encouraging disordered eating in young women.  Food for thought.  Pun intended?


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