Three Things Thursday

1. Daylight Savings Time.  Seriously cramping my early morning workout style!  I suppose the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day is nice, but I’m really hurting for it in the AM.  Sunrise at 7:15 AM just doesn’t help me for a 6:30 AM workout.  Ironman training is tiring enough – I don’t need the extra encouragement to stay in bed in the morning, nor the extra added exhaustion that comes from my body clock being so thrown off!


2.  Monetizing things that should not be monetized.  I got an email from the Rock and Roll race series yesterday advertising runner tracking for Saturday’s race (I’m running the half).  I always send out emails to my family and close friends before a big race asking them to track me.  (I like attention. A lot.)  I also like to sign up for the tracking texts/emails for myself, because I am obsessed with numbers and it’s much faster to look at a text than wait for the official results to come up on the website several beers hours later.  Plus, I’ve used tracking for years to keep tabs on and get cheering notifications for my friends when they are running important races.  In my memory, all these tracking options – be they live online, by text, or by email, have always been 100% gratis.

So you can imagine my surprise when I clicked through to the Rock and Roll site yesterday to learn that it would cost me $2.00 to track an athlete (plus $1.00 for any additional athlete).  Plus, it would cost me $5.00 just to email 5 of my closest friends and family and encourage THEM to sign up – presumably also for a charge!  Unbelievable.  Poor form, Rock and Roll.  Your races are already super expensive, and this is not helping to endear me to you.  Grr.


3.  Rain, rain, go AWAY!!!  The forecast for Saturday morning is calling for rain, rain, rain and temps in the 40s.  Yuck!  I am considering investing in one of these for the race:kelsey

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