C Race Zen: My Rock and Roll Half Marathon plan

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up bright and early to run the Rock and Roll USA Half Marathon.

As I am reminded every time I look at this week in my Training Peaks plan, this race is a “C” race for me.  Meaning…yeah this is a race, but honestly it’s more of a training workout than anything.  It’s important to keep it in perspective of the big picture of IM training.


Easier said than done.  Last year I hit a major PR in this race – finally cracking the 2 hour mark and blowing my prior half PR out of the water by almost 10 minutes.  That’s not going to happen this year.  Last year I was training hard for speed at the half distance…this year I’ve been logging slow run miles in the context of IM training.  Before last week’s Four Courts Four Miler, I hadn’t run a single race since … my 1/2 Iron in September.  My legs are not in the shape to be hitting running PRs.  (This explains my four miler pace of about :15/mile slower than last year – I imagine an even bigger drop for the 1/2 mary distance).

As much as I have meditated on this “C” race philosophy this past week, and tonight, I know it’s going to be a different story when the starting bell sounds tomorrow morning.  I will continue to repeat this “C” race mantra…and when it slips I’ll remind myself of the 2 hours on the trainer I have in store for me on Sunday AM (not to mention all the remaining cleaning and cooking to prep the house for book club Sunday afternoon!)  And if nothing else, I’m sure that awful Calvert St hill coming out of Rock Creek will help me slow it down…

But I’m still going to have a blast at this race.  A potentially waterlogged blast, but a blast nonetheless.  And I’ll get to celebrate with my lovely coworker M as she crosses the finish line of her first half!  I can already tell she’s totally been bit by the distance running bug, and she doesn’t even have the medal yet.  🙂

So instead of stress away like I normally would the night before a race, I had a delicious dinner out with the DC DOC crew at Ping Pong.  I even had a glass of wine.  *GASP*  Now I’m dumpling stuffed, and hitting the sack relatively early.  So buenas noches all, and happy racing!

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