Weekly Workout Plan: March 18-24, 2013 (19 weeks to IMLP)

Another recovery week!  My legs are ready for it after the Rock and Roll Half on Saturday and a (2 hour turned) 80 minute trainer ride on Sunday (due to failure at being organized for life and subsequent book club hosting rather than muscle soreness.)  I will post a race recap on the half within the next 24 hours (no, really! I will!)

This weekend also saw a fun time celebrating my little J’s birthday on Saturday night with pizza, board games, and crashing an old person’s jazz club/bar to do tequila shots.  I hosted my book club on Sunday afternoon for our discussion of Gone Girl.  There was very little discussion of the book even though for the most part everyone seemed to enjoy reading it.  Personally, I found the ending a little anti-climatic, and wasn’t totally satisfied.  But I did get fully engrossed in the book and would recommend it for anyone looking for a well-written, twisty-turny, fun crime thriller.


Truth be told, Hubz gets all the credit for being the host with the most, as he single-handedly did all the required house cleaning AND most of the food preparation.  And then the poor guy was relegated to hiding in his upstairs office while we ladies wined and dined and yapped at full volume for 3 hours.  I think I owe him a dinner soon, of only buffalo wings and nachos…and my absence since lately I’ve been a little needy.


Since I cut short my trainer ride yesterday to get everything wrapped up in time for book club, I clocked in closer to 10 hours than 11 hours last week.  I had it in me to do more, I think, even with the race.  But this whole thing about fitting in “life” sometimes gets in the way.

Recovery week of about 7-8 hours coming up including three swims for active recovery (and one to check in on my benchmark test) and taking it pretty easy on the legs.  Then I’ll be running the Scope it Out 5K on Sunday as I do every year, and using it as a test to check in on my heart rate zones for running.

I also plan to use this week to get my eating back on track.  With my Mom in town and various other excuses in the past couple weeks to eat out, etc., I’ve slipped somewhat from my rules.  I think this is a large reason for the tummy troubles I had during the half on Saturday…and as training continues to ramp up I really need to get my body feeling better all around or else there’s gonna be a lot of crashing and burning in my future.

Monday: REST
Tuesday: AM – 2150 yard swim; PM – core/upper body
Wednesday: AM – 45 minute bike with intervals; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 2000 yard swim; PM – 55 minute run
Friday: AM – benchmark swim test; PM – core/upper body
Saturday: 35 minute pre-race run workout
Sunday: AM – 5K race (doubling as heart rate zone test); PM – 1-2 hour bike, indoors progressive or outdoors, depending on weather

Check out that Saturday – nothing but a short run?  HELLLOOOOOOOO sleeping past 7 am!

To read/think about: all the hubbub about plus-sized mannequins in Sweden.

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