Three Things Thursday

1.  Spring? Despite the fact that yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, it’s 35 degrees out and not looking to improve too much anytime soon. A brief dalliance with the upper 40s and 50s tomorrow and Saturday, and then back down in the 40s with threat of rain and snow on Sunday and Monday. UNBELIEVABLE. Of course, we will Scope it Out in rain or shine, but could I get a break? Just one day for a pleasant bike ride outside in the sunshine would be nice! Not to mention that I’m totally ready for cherry blossom season to hit in full force!


2.  March Madness. I do not follow NCAA basketball at all. Or any basketball for that matter.  But the allure of March Madness is irresistible. It has become a yearly tradition for Kittay (numero uno) to fill out a bracket based on his feline-related mascot preferences.

Just what really goes on in that master-feline-mind?

Just what really goes on in that master-feline-mind?

Criteria #1: feline alliances (NO DOGS ALLOWED). Criteria #2: tastiest prey. Exceptions made only for #1 seeds. Two years ago he came in second place in a 13 person pool, so I think it’s just as good a strategy as any. So Kittay submitted a bracket again this year.  (Kitteh #2 is still a bit young to grasp the nuances of bracket strategy. Perhaps next year).  Time will tell just how clever the kitten brain is…

marchmadnesslolcat3.  Chocolate of the week! I often stop at the Whole Foods hot bar for dinner before my Monday night class, and also grab whatever fancy-pants chocolate bar happens to be on sale this week (I can’t possibly afford full priced chocolate when spending approximately 50 gold doubloons/ounce for the hot bar goodness). This week, I happened upon this deliciousness:


The creepy finger shadows really capture the ambiance of the downstairs dining lounge in my class building…

It’s the perfect balance of dark bittersweet awesomeness with just enough actual sweet to make it AMAZING. The best part? It’s actually TWO chocolate bars in that package. Two for the price of one already very expensive bar! I’ll be hitting this up again.

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