Weekly Workout Plan: March 25-31, 2013 (18 weeks to IMLP)…and Scope it Out 5k 2013 (lazy) Recap

Yesterday I ran the Scope it Out 5K which also doubled as a run heart rate zone test.  This is always a fun race for a good cause, so I’ve run it many times while, like this year, Hubz volunteers.  In addition to the most handsome bag check volunteer around, the race has fun educational things like a giant colon shaped playground!


I was feeling pretty good for this race, although definitely pushed it a bit too fast in the first minute.  I was focusing really hard on making this a good heart rate zone test, so I really wanted to run my heart out.  But without making my heart actually explode, so at one point I had to give a serious “BACK IT OFF” lecture to myself.  The course is flat and fast – from freedom plaza, past the Capitol, through some federal buildings, and back down Penn to the start. Thus, I often set a PR or close to it on this race.  Buuuuut….not this year.

Official finish time: 24:28. 28 seconds slower than last year, but again, keeping it zen with the recognition that speedy running is not the primary goal of IM training.  I still ended up with a very impressive time and a serious improvement over my last 3 mile heart rate zone test – both in pace and heart rate.  Huzzah!

Also in the “things I’m doing right” category – I did a benchmark swim threshold test on Saturday afternoon.  My average time for the 400s was 12 whole seconds faster than my 400s average on my last one!  Woo hoo!!!  Hubz was also with me at the pool and mentioned that he can see that my swim technique looks much better than the last time he watched me swim back in the fall.

swim lolcat

I dropped my “long” bike on Sunday afternoon.  Brunching got a little out of hand and plus my legs were pretty spent.  I figured I’d embrace the “recovery” in the last 12 hours of my recovery week.  I still woke up TOTALLY exhausted today – and the nasty snow/rain mix-y mess outside is not helping.

Nonetheless, this week we’re amping up the workouts in both total quantity and intensity!  I feel like this is where training starts to get really serious.  Now that my half marathon is passed, and it’s only about 6 weeks til my first tri of the season!  Such excitement!  So, this week I’ll be adding in a little bit of speed work, some off-the-bike runs, and all that good stuff.  Should rack up to about 12-13 hours of training.  Here goes….

Monday: AM – strength; PM – 2100 yard swim
Tuesday: AM – 50 min bike with intervals; PM – 55 minute run
Wednesday: AM – 2400 yard swim; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 1 hour run + 2 mile fast finish; PM – core strength
Friday: AM – 1 hour progressive bike; PM – 2500 yard swim
Saturday: 55 minute run
Sunday: 2 hour bike + 15 minute transition run

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