Tea Time

At various times in my life, I’ve been hooked on coffee in a majorly unhealthy, chain-drinking kind of way.  But in recent years I’ve come to realize that after those first few tastes of amazingness, coffee just results (for me) in jittery hands and an upset stomach.  So I initially switched to tea as a way to get my fix without the bad stuff.

images (3)

I still enjoy a cup of irish coffee every now and then, but once tea became my regular, I slowly began discovering all that it had to offer.  Now I’ve become a little tea-obsessed.  There are SO many varieties and flavors of tea, it’s like a world unto itself!  Plus it’s so much more single-user-friendly.  My tea drawer at work is always stocked full (I typically drink at least one black tea and one green tea a day), and at home I rotate between a huge variety of loose leaf and bagged teas.  (As I’ve mentioned before, I also dig me some mate something fierce).

Yesterday, the Post revisited the subject of tea’s health benefits and its growing popularity in the U.S.  Check it out!

What’s your hot beverage of choice?  Tea?  Coffee?  Mate?  Raktajino?

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