Weekly Workout Plan: April 8-14, 2013 (16 weeks to IMLP)

It’s recovery week, yet again!  And what a welcome recovery it is…this past weekend really took it out of my legs with a 3 hour bike + 15 min run on Saturday, followed by a 1 hour bike + 1 hour run on Sunday.  Phew!  This is starting to really feel like I’m Ironman training at last!

I’m happy to say, as well, that I am so far holding up pretty well.  My legs are tired but not destroyed.  The rest of me is maybe even a little more tired, but again, not destroyed.  I am planning to milk the heck out of this recovery week by sleeping in until 7 AM on two consecutive week days.  I know, unheard of.

Of course it wouldn’t be a discorunner post without whining about something, so I will note I’m a little cranky about my pace on my rides this weekend.  I know it should be expected for my first non-trainer ride in months…and I have to account for the fact that it takes me a good deal of city (traffic, stoplight) riding to get out and going…but still.  My bike pace and endurance have to be my two biggest focuses going forward.  It’s no secret that strength on the bike translates into triathlon strength overall.  Time to get crackin’.

The weather is finally warm here in the Disco and I am absolutely loving it.  I am currently sitting outside at 7 PM and it’s 73 degrees.  Unbelievable!  The only downside is I’m suffering some setbacks from allergies.  My head is a little foggy and I’ve been a little sniffly.  But I’ll take it.  (Look at that – I almost managed to not whine about something else!)


Monday: REST
Tuesday: AM – Rest; PM -1600 yard swim
Wednesday: AM – 55 minute run; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 45 minute bike w/intervals + 45 core and upper body strength; PM – rest/tri team happy hour
Friday: AM – 1800 yard swim; PM – Rest
Saturday: 55 minute run
Sunday: 3 hour bike + 15 minute run

Only two swims this week and short ones at that.  I’m surprised to say it, but I’m actually kind of bummed about that as I’m enjoying my pool time more and more.  But maybe my skin will de-scalify and my hair de-greenify a bit.


Did you enjoy the weather this weekend?  Log some good workouts?

What’s your favorite part about recovery weeks?

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