Sunny days are here again!

Well, apparently the weather powers that be saw fit to skip spring all together and send us right into the heart of a D.C. summer.  At least it allowed the cherry blossoms to finally reach their peak!

Photo by Paul Cortez via

Photo by Paul Cortez via

It’s been so beautiful that yesterday I just couldn’t stand to spend my lunch hour indoors, so I threw myself a spontaneous picnic.


That book I’m working my way through now is The Known World by Edward P. Jones. Truth be told, I’ve been working my way through it for over two months now. I just can’t get into it, but I’m powering through for discussion with my email/online book club friends. I think it’s telling that it’s been almost three months and no one else is ready to start the discussion yet either…but we’ll see…I can’t make it to the next meeting of my real life book club so provided I actually finish this one, I may actually have to pick my own reading material for once.

We even turned on our A/C at home yesterday. Partially because of how warm it was getting, but also partially because the Kittays were starting to plot their elaborate break out plans…


IMG00388-20130409-1129There are threats that we’ll even make it to 90 degrees today. Craziness, considering that just a week ago I think I was whining about how cold and dreary it was!

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of running in the heat, so I’d prefer a bit more gradual transition to get myself accustomed to the change. Even my early morning run today was tough, although I’m blaming at least part of that on residual allergies (and NOT *knock on wood!* getting a nasty chest cold that currently has Hubz on the DL…)


Luckily, it’s looking like we’ll get a little cool down this weekend and be back in more spring-y weather next week, just in time to launch into the two final (and biggest!) base weeks of my IMLP training cycle. Woo hoo!

What book should I read next?

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