So, we bought a thing.


After 5 years of proud non-car ownership in the city, we finally broke down and bought one! As you know, we bought a house and moved to a new neighborhood back in December. I LOVE our new neighborhood (Brookland rocks!!!) but it simply does not have the same convenience factor as our old place on Cap Hill, where we could literally walk to anything we would possibly need in less than 10 minutes. Now we have a beautiful house and a (soon to be after some landscaping work) even more beautiful backyard, but we are a little farther removed from urban conveniences. So, the time has come.


We shopped around and finally decided on a 2013 Kia Soul. Not only was it a super good bargain, and a very reasonable car with lots of space for current bikes and future babies, but it’s also a little bit funky (just like moi). Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Plus, it comes with those adorable hamsters.  See?

IMAG0441They’ve already been teaching me a few tricks…


Yes, I’m a little sad to have finally given into the man (and unavoidable adulthood) by buying a car. But it will make our lives hugely more convenient. I’m already dreaming of being able to drive to the pool first thing in the morning and park rather than have to worry about finding a Car2Go to get back home in time to shower and get to work…and don’t even get me started on my grand plans to drive myself and Rio out to exotic locales like Skyline drive for some glorious hilly long rides!

And I’m not gonna pretend the fact that we recently discovered a Rita’s a couple miles down the road (fortuitously around the same time as the onset of Spring) had nothing to do with it…bring on the yum, please.


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