Belated Weekly Plan: April 29-May 5, 2013 (13 weeks to IMLP)

This Sunday I have my first tri of the season at Monticelloman! I’m super excited.

First, last week’s recap:

Swim – 7350 yards, 2 hours 50 minutes
Bike – 119 miles, 9 hours 10 minutes
Run – 16.85 miles, 3 hours 4 minutes
Strength – 40 minutes
Yoga – 1 hour
TOTAL – 16 hours 43 minutes. Boom.  (Yes, that’s the sound of head to pillow.)


On Saturday morning I’ll actually be volunteering at an awesome race out in Fairfax – the Fairfax CASA Run for the Children 8K. This is a great race for a fantastic cause. I ran it last year, but this year am relegated to volunteering so I don’t overdo it the day before Monticelloman. A friend of mine is pretty much the lady in charge of this race and does a fantastic job every year! It’s a challenging course with lots of hills. They shortened the course to an 8K from a 10K in prior years, but I have no doubt it will continue to be a serious butt-kicker. I plan on living vicariously through the pained faces of those who return to collect their items from me at bag check. 🙂

D and I will then be loading up and heading out to Charlottesville on Saturday for a lovely pre-race workout on the course, packet pickup, and inevitable consumption of excessive amounts of carbs. I trust D to lead me to some good food-age, as she is a UVA peep. Wahoo? Woo-ha? What is it you people say?!

I’ll be enjoying a combo recovery week and mini-taper into my Oly this weekend. That means – wait for it – only ONE WORKOUT PER DAY! Crazytown. Loving it.


Monday: REST
Tuesday: 2500 yard swim
Wednesday: 45-55 minute run
Thursday: 45 minute bike with pickups -> 10 minute run
Friday: strength (core only)
Saturday: Pre-race short swim, bike, and run on race course
Sunday: Monticelloman Olympic Triathlon. To be followed by post-race margaritas, naturally. It’s Cinco de Mayo afterall.


Anyone have restaurant recommendations for Charlottesville? Veggie/vegan options welcome!

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