Three Things Thursday

1.  Lost and …. found? Yet again I find myself packing for a tri weekend and completely unable to find my race belt/bib thingy. I swear this happens EVERY time and then I end up buying a new one at every single race expo. I must have like 10 of them by now…but where are they hiding?!

LOLcat hide

2.  Snow way. My facebook feed is packed with photos of May snowfall from my friends and family throughout the midwest. Dudes, it’s May. Why you gotta play that way, climate change?

Snow falling on my sister's car in Kansas...on May 2nd.

Snow falling on my sister’s car in Kansas…on May 2nd.

3.  FRO YO. Tonight Hubz requested a ride home from the bar for himself and Big I. Seeing as I was just sitting on my rump watching the teevee, I figured I could be a nice person and chauffeur them home in the Soul (who, btw, still needs a proper name). My demand was a stop for fro yo on the way home, and thankfully Tangy Sweet delivered.

images (1)

Ok, so that’s not mine….it got a little melty on the way home and didn’t look nearly as pretty by the time I got to inhale it. Mine was also much, much chocolate-ier and m&m-ier, natch.

Also, due to Hubz poor post-beer fro yo choices, we learned that coconut fro yo + fruity pebbles = disgusting soapy taste. Just say no, kids.

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