Weekly Plan: May 6-12, 2013 (12 weeks to IMLP!)

Stay tuned for a recap of my (PR-setting) Oly at Monticelloman on Sunday…

but I can’t waste too much time basking in post-race endorphins…with less than 3 months left ’til IMLP, I’m right back at it!

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My coach was super kind to me and built me a nice little taper last week into the race. It was pretty glorious. So it was a very low volume week in terms of totals:

Total: 7 hours 15 minutes (including Oly race)
Swim: 1 hour 34 minutes, 4355 yards
Bike: 2 hours 45 minutes, 42 miles
Run: 2 hours 24 minutes, 14.4 miles
Strength – 25 minutes
Volunteering at the Fairfax CASA Run for the Children 8K/3K – 3 hours! 🙂


Once again, the CASA race was fan-freaking-tastic! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this race. Although I didn’t run this year, I did man the bag check with this team of consummate professionals:


We heard so many positive comments about the professionalism with which the race was run, and especially the helpfulness of all the volunteers out on the course. Way to go, Becca and team CASA! Next year i hope to be running this one again for sure!

After the race we grabbed some brunch and then D picked me up in Fairfax for our journey out to Cville and Monticelloman…to be continued…

A little bit of recovery on the docket for this week, but still going to be logging lots of miles.

Monday: REST (YAY!)
Tuesday: AM – Z2 run; PM – interval swim
Wednesday: AM – interval bike; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – Z2 bike; PM – endurance swim
Friday: AM – Z2 run; PM – long swim
Saturday: Long bike – 50-70 miles
Sunday: Long run – 2 hours

Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for rain upon rain upon rain, so it looks likely that I’ll be spending a lot of time back down in the trainer dungeon. No big…maybe a little streaming time means I’ll finally be able to finish this season of The Americans? SO. GOOD.


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