SIX WEEKS TO IMLP … Weekly Workout Plan June 17-23

Ok, so…officially the worst blogger ever. MAH BAD. Let’s move on.

Training is draining lately. No joke. I’m tired, cranky, achy, and hungry…all of the time. This past week has been especially tough.

At the same time, I am BEYOND excited for this upcoming challenge. It’s coming down to the wire and I’m really starting to believe that I can actually do this.


Last weekend I checked off my hardest workout yet. 106 miles.  Big I was with me for the first 8 or so miles, but then he flatted, and we were both apparently woefully unprepared for such a thing, so I was off on my own!

I rode a pretty hilly route, and made the climb up Sugarloaf mountain my halfway point.

View from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain! (Read: needed some time to seriously catch my breath...)

View from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain! (Read: needed some time to seriously catch my breath…)

I also crossed from VA into MD on White’s Ferry…old school. Luckily I had some horses in trailers to keep me company.

download (3)

I can safely say that this ride was the hardest workout of my life. Not only physically, but MENTALLY. I was out on the road by myself for almost 9 hours. Tears came several times. I’m glad Hubz was out of town with the car, because it meant I couldn’t call him and demand that he come pick me up. But finally, I triumphed!

Proving to myself that I could do it was a HUGE boost for me. I covered almost the full mileage that I’ll cover on the Ironman bike, almost entirely without anyone for company but my own thoughts (scary). With fellow athletes, spectators, and the energy on course, I’m hopeful that the race itself won’t seem quite so long and boring…

But I couldn’t wallow too long in my own accomplishment – it was monthly DCDOC dinner night! Now THAT’S what I call recovery. 🙂


Love these ladies!

The next morning I was up early to knock out a long-ish run before heading up to Philly on the Amtrak for father’s day BBQ festivities. Then it was time to head back to the Disco, and soon enough it was Monday again…

This week, I must admit, has been rough so far. The weekend was seriously taxing, and my massage on Monday really let some things loose. Monday and Tuesday I felt like I was stumbling through a sleepy, achy, cloudy fog. But after Wednesday morning’s interval bike I started to feel more back to normal, at least for a bit. Truth be told, the first two intervals were pretty miserable, but by the end of the workout my legs felt strong and my head felt again. This morning’s swim and this afternoon’s run were a similar story…it took me 50-60% of the way through the workout to feel like I was even in it.

So we’ll see how tomorrow goes, as now it’s just a couple more days until I race my first ever Aquabike at the inaugural Rev3 Williamsburg this Sunday! I’m actually excited to bike until I (almost) puke! Just following my coach’s instructions, seriously. 🙂

This week —

Monday: Rest and MASSAGE
Tuesday: AM – 1 hr run; PM – 2000 yard swim
Wednesday: AM – Bike intervals; PM – rest
Thursday: AM – 1800 yard swim; PM – 1 hr run (home from work – multi-tasking win?)
Friday: AM – bike with pre-race intervals; PM – rest
Saturday: pre-race swim (?) and bike workouts
Sunday: AM – Rev3 Williamsburg Half Aquabike followed by 15-30 minute run

Also on the agenda for the weekend – the illustrious T and C are in town! We’ll be geeking out at a Neil Gaiman reading and book signing tomorrow night and spending some QT before Hubz and I head out to Williamsburg on Saturday afternoon. SO JAZZED!


2 thoughts on “SIX WEEKS TO IMLP … Weekly Workout Plan June 17-23

  1. I was wondering where you went! I figured you were training hard!! Nice job on the bike ride! If you can do that on your own, you are ready!! I can’t believe LP is 6 weeks away!! Only a couple more hard weeks ahead!! Good luck this weekend at Rev3!!

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