My Story (for now)

For virtually all of my teen years, I was definitively unfit.  I was a super involved, super programmed kid, but my activities were largely of the artsy and brainy varieties.  I was always running from place to place, but never really running (or moving very fast. Like, at all.)

Then sometime during college, peer pressure got me into some healthier living, good eating, and fitness.  I blame my Midwestern college’s hardy Scandinavian roots and scenery like this that made it utterly impossible to resist gallyvanting in the woods.

olaf fall

Then I decided to become a lawyer.  (Cue the wah-wah music.)  Although I had first started running as a form of exercise and relaxation, the super-OCD-intensity of my law school experience transferred over into my running as well.  When I discovered that I could put exercise on a rigorous, overly detailed schedule  and pretend I have some actual control over something in my life…you couldn’t sign me up fast enough.  I joined some other nerderrific law school types in my first half marathon, and finished it!  With a smile!  And so the endurance addiction was born.

When I graduated from law school, I moved to the Netherlands for a while.  You know, to save the world and all that.  Running and training kept me focused, sane, and happy in a new country, so I did happily ran another half marathon in wooden shoes.



The saving the world thing was great, but unfortunately I had to start paying the bills.  So I moved to DC to start my real adult life, and somehow kept signing up for more and more races.  After saying for years I just wanted “to do one full marathon, to cross it off my bucket list,” I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2009, and it only fueled my sick obsession.

Somewhere along the way, I met this joker and we fell in lurrrrrv.


In 2011 I moved to Tejas for a year for an awesome job, but sadly without my soon-to-be-Hubz.  I was a little bit lonely and bored, so I decided to try the triathlon thing.  I bought a bike, named it Rio, and signed up for a Sprint and a couple of Olympics right out of the gate.


Three successfully completed races, and I was hooked.  And no, you cannot borrow my tie dyed tri top.

On a beautiful fall day, I showed off my Michelle Obama arms and happily married my handsome Hubz.


We traveled up and down and all around South America for 6 weeks, ending with a (totally not exaggerating) life changing experience of a Habitat for Humanity Global Village build in Argentina.  We loved it so much we built again in Zambia the following Spring.


I’ve started realizing that I am not getting any younger (read: my ovaries are shriveling up by the minute).  So I figured, go big or go home, right?  I signed up for a Half Ironman in 2012 and an Ironman in 2013.  I successfully completed my first Half Iron at the Poconos 70.3 last September, and now I’m well on my way to the big one, the Ironman, at Lake Placid this July!


I’m also planning another Habitat build for the fall.  This time I’m heading to Bolivia, and I’ll be co-leading the charge!  I cannot wait!

So, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life over the past few years.  When I first moved to DC, I was in a job that I hated and that worked me to death.  I was miserable, and running helped me through it.  In the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to find a way out of that job and find a career that is intellectually satisfying and that involves helping people every day.  I’ve been completely blessed to marry an amazing man who loves and supports me in every one of my endeavors and helps me to be a better person day in and day out.  And I’ve discovered how much I love travelling the world and helping people in the process.

All the while, I’ve maintained this little endurance addiction and continually pushed my body to do new and amazing things.  I love running and I love triathlon.  I love getting faster and getting stronger.  I love setting goals, toppling them, and setting newer more ambitious ones.  And I love the rush of crossing a finish line after months of dedicated hard work.  I still struggle with food issues, body image, and all that stuff, just like the rest of us.  Being active and training for crazy endurance events helps me keep that all in perspective.  The bottom line is that far more often than not, training and racing makes me feel strong, driven, and happy.

So, folks, here’s what you’ll get here at Discorunner.  A whole lot of yakkity yak about triathlon and running training, fitness, and food, sometimes with happy shiny enthusiasm and sometimes with cranky realism.  (I’m a work in progress, just like the rest of us).  You may also find rants, rambles, and snarkitude on any of the following: my adventures with Hubz, our awesome kittays, our Habitat builds, related and unrelated traveling, geekitude, karaoke, playing my viola, dressing up in costumes for no reason, Nebraska football, occasional knitting projects, and an arguably unhealthy interest in TV.

I’m not a trained professional in anything fitness or nutrition related, but I do have a lot of strong opinions…actually about pretty much everything.  So take it all with a grain of salt, please.  Most importantly, I hope you enjoy this whole blog thing!  I know I do.  🙂

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