Weekly Workout Plan: April 1-7, 2013 (17 weeks to IMLP)

Yes, I have again been neglecting my blogging.  Last week was a busy one, and this week is shaping up to be even busier!  Maybe I need some sort of incentive to blog regularly.  Like…I get to eat *TWO* king size bags of giant M&Ms for dessert on the nights I actually manage to post, rather than just one?  What, not a good long term nutrition solution?  Pshaw.

We hosted my sis-in-law and her family for a few days last week, including our two itty bitty nieces.  We had a super fun time, and our kittays got some great cardio in with the constant game of scamper-away-from-the-toddler.

images (1)Then we spent much of the weekend with Hubz’s family enjoying various Easter-rrific activities. I think egg dyeing and hunting happen to be two of the most fun holiday activities there are, so I had a great time.



After the young ‘uns headed home for the evening, we watched Hotel Transylvania.  SUCH a cute movie!  Seriously.  Watch it with your kids. If you don’t have kids, take a page from my book and watch it with your wine.

The next morning we had some delicious diner breakfast before heading home and stopping at nearly every exit off I-95 in Delaware and Maryland to run various errands.  Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our share of the colored eggs home, so we won’t be partaking in the post-holiday-shove-eat-ALL-the-egg-salad! phase.


This week is looking like a doozy.  I’ll be hosting family in the middle of the week but I *think* I’ve successfully arranged things such that I can be present at home when needed, as well as attend to my social calendar (which is also oddly packed…).  Thank goodness this week includes a telework Thursday! Also thank goodness for a Hubz that not only tolerates but supports my semi-person-ness these days. 🙂

Monday: AM – 1 hour bike; PM – 2100 meter swim
Tuesday: AM  – 55 min run; PM (lunch) – 1 hour strength
Wednesday: AM – yoga; PM – 2500 yard swim
Thursday: AM – 1 hour 40 min run; PM – 3000 yard swim
Friday: AM – 30 min strength; PM – rest
Saturday: 3 hour ride + 15 min run
Sunday: 1 hour ride + 55 min run

Some of these workouts may still slide around a bit depending on scheduling issues that arise throughout the week.  But one thing’s for sure – this base-building stuff is no joke!  This should take me into the 14 hour range, which is a first for me.  So is a 3000 yard swim.  I hope I don’t get too terribly pickled!

I’m super excited to hit the out of doors for my first non-trainer long ride of the season.  This winter has lasted too long and I am SOOOOO happy that Spring is finally here!  I would have done last week’s long ride outdoors, but the toll that the trainer has taken on my tire over the course of the winter cannot be neglected.  A new tire is on the way and should be on and ready for me to ride like the wind on Saturday morning!

How did you celebrate Easter?

Seen any good movies lately (animated or otherwise?)