Out of Africa

Home sweet home.  After travelling for about 32 hours, we made it all the way from Livingstone, Zambia to our comfy couch this morning.  Our trip was absolutely amazing, and I have much to share.  But for now, there is one thing on my agenda for the next few days, and that’s to imitate this little fella:

One week from today…

We will be arriving in Lusaka, Zambia to begin our newest Habitat for Humanity Global Village adventure.  Hubz is fantastic at planning ahead (unlike moi, who has pulled many pre-departure frantic near-allnighters), so our pile of travel/building supplies has been expanding slowly in our office for the past several weeks…


Given that we’re going to be in Zambia at the end of the rainy season, we’ve got to bring malaria pills, a lot of heavy-duty insect repellent, long shirts and pants to protect from the mosquitoes and the sun.  We’re also bringing towels, shower shoes, and a few other items because we’re not really sure what the hotels we’ll be in will be like.

Plus, there’s a lot of work-related things to remember for a Habitat trip like this one: work clothes, steel-toed boots, work gloves, tools, plenty of sun screen.  On Thursday I walked to work in my boots to try to break them in a little:


Obviously I am started a mad new fashion trend.

Today we did a little jewelry shopping at Eastern Market in preparation for the trip as well.  My engagement ring and wedding band are a little too flashy for me to feel comfortable wearing on this trip, so I wanted to find a simple band to wear.  One of our friendly Saturday morning vendors came through.


Perfect fit.  And only cost me $16!  Math isn’t my thing, but pretty sure that’s a teeny tiny fraction of what my real rings cost.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about this trip.  I have done a lot of travelling, but Africa’s a whole new continent for me, and I really have no idea what to expect.  I have feeling I’ll be spending much of the next week reading through our travel guides again and trying to get mentally prepared.

And more than anything, I’m excited!  Our build in Argentina was the highlight of our honeymoon trip for both of us.  I’m really looking forward to meeting and bonding with another group of very cool folks and working super hard with them for a week.  Last time we made some very impressive progress on digging and filling the foundations of three houses for three different families.

This time, it sounds like we’ll be filling and moving a lot of cement blocks.  In other words, I intend to come back with some seriously ripped arm muscles.  🙂