Weekly Workout Plan: April 1-7, 2013 (17 weeks to IMLP)

Yes, I have again been neglecting my blogging.  Last week was a busy one, and this week is shaping up to be even busier!  Maybe I need some sort of incentive to blog regularly.  Like…I get to eat *TWO* king size bags of giant M&Ms for dessert on the nights I actually manage to post, rather than just one?  What, not a good long term nutrition solution?  Pshaw.

We hosted my sis-in-law and her family for a few days last week, including our two itty bitty nieces.  We had a super fun time, and our kittays got some great cardio in with the constant game of scamper-away-from-the-toddler.

images (1)Then we spent much of the weekend with Hubz’s family enjoying various Easter-rrific activities. I think egg dyeing and hunting happen to be two of the most fun holiday activities there are, so I had a great time.



After the young ‘uns headed home for the evening, we watched Hotel Transylvania.  SUCH a cute movie!  Seriously.  Watch it with your kids. If you don’t have kids, take a page from my book and watch it with your wine.

The next morning we had some delicious diner breakfast before heading home and stopping at nearly every exit off I-95 in Delaware and Maryland to run various errands.  Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our share of the colored eggs home, so we won’t be partaking in the post-holiday-shove-eat-ALL-the-egg-salad! phase.


This week is looking like a doozy.  I’ll be hosting family in the middle of the week but I *think* I’ve successfully arranged things such that I can be present at home when needed, as well as attend to my social calendar (which is also oddly packed…).  Thank goodness this week includes a telework Thursday! Also thank goodness for a Hubz that not only tolerates but supports my semi-person-ness these days. 🙂

Monday: AM – 1 hour bike; PM – 2100 meter swim
Tuesday: AM  – 55 min run; PM (lunch) – 1 hour strength
Wednesday: AM – yoga; PM – 2500 yard swim
Thursday: AM – 1 hour 40 min run; PM – 3000 yard swim
Friday: AM – 30 min strength; PM – rest
Saturday: 3 hour ride + 15 min run
Sunday: 1 hour ride + 55 min run

Some of these workouts may still slide around a bit depending on scheduling issues that arise throughout the week.  But one thing’s for sure – this base-building stuff is no joke!  This should take me into the 14 hour range, which is a first for me.  So is a 3000 yard swim.  I hope I don’t get too terribly pickled!

I’m super excited to hit the out of doors for my first non-trainer long ride of the season.  This winter has lasted too long and I am SOOOOO happy that Spring is finally here!  I would have done last week’s long ride outdoors, but the toll that the trainer has taken on my tire over the course of the winter cannot be neglected.  A new tire is on the way and should be on and ready for me to ride like the wind on Saturday morning!

How did you celebrate Easter?

Seen any good movies lately (animated or otherwise?)

Weekly Workout Plan: March 25-31, 2013 (18 weeks to IMLP)…and Scope it Out 5k 2013 (lazy) Recap

Yesterday I ran the Scope it Out 5K which also doubled as a run heart rate zone test.  This is always a fun race for a good cause, so I’ve run it many times while, like this year, Hubz volunteers.  In addition to the most handsome bag check volunteer around, the race has fun educational things like a giant colon shaped playground!


I was feeling pretty good for this race, although definitely pushed it a bit too fast in the first minute.  I was focusing really hard on making this a good heart rate zone test, so I really wanted to run my heart out.  But without making my heart actually explode, so at one point I had to give a serious “BACK IT OFF” lecture to myself.  The course is flat and fast – from freedom plaza, past the Capitol, through some federal buildings, and back down Penn to the start. Thus, I often set a PR or close to it on this race.  Buuuuut….not this year.

Official finish time: 24:28. 28 seconds slower than last year, but again, keeping it zen with the recognition that speedy running is not the primary goal of IM training.  I still ended up with a very impressive time and a serious improvement over my last 3 mile heart rate zone test – both in pace and heart rate.  Huzzah!

Also in the “things I’m doing right” category – I did a benchmark swim threshold test on Saturday afternoon.  My average time for the 400s was 12 whole seconds faster than my 400s average on my last one!  Woo hoo!!!  Hubz was also with me at the pool and mentioned that he can see that my swim technique looks much better than the last time he watched me swim back in the fall.

swim lolcat

I dropped my “long” bike on Sunday afternoon.  Brunching got a little out of hand and plus my legs were pretty spent.  I figured I’d embrace the “recovery” in the last 12 hours of my recovery week.  I still woke up TOTALLY exhausted today – and the nasty snow/rain mix-y mess outside is not helping.

Nonetheless, this week we’re amping up the workouts in both total quantity and intensity!  I feel like this is where training starts to get really serious.  Now that my half marathon is passed, and it’s only about 6 weeks til my first tri of the season!  Such excitement!  So, this week I’ll be adding in a little bit of speed work, some off-the-bike runs, and all that good stuff.  Should rack up to about 12-13 hours of training.  Here goes….

Monday: AM – strength; PM – 2100 yard swim
Tuesday: AM – 50 min bike with intervals; PM – 55 minute run
Wednesday: AM – 2400 yard swim; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 1 hour run + 2 mile fast finish; PM – core strength
Friday: AM – 1 hour progressive bike; PM – 2500 yard swim
Saturday: 55 minute run
Sunday: 2 hour bike + 15 minute transition run

Weekly Workout Plan: March 18-24, 2013 (19 weeks to IMLP)

Another recovery week!  My legs are ready for it after the Rock and Roll Half on Saturday and a (2 hour turned) 80 minute trainer ride on Sunday (due to failure at being organized for life and subsequent book club hosting rather than muscle soreness.)  I will post a race recap on the half within the next 24 hours (no, really! I will!)

This weekend also saw a fun time celebrating my little J’s birthday on Saturday night with pizza, board games, and crashing an old person’s jazz club/bar to do tequila shots.  I hosted my book club on Sunday afternoon for our discussion of Gone Girl.  There was very little discussion of the book even though for the most part everyone seemed to enjoy reading it.  Personally, I found the ending a little anti-climatic, and wasn’t totally satisfied.  But I did get fully engrossed in the book and would recommend it for anyone looking for a well-written, twisty-turny, fun crime thriller.


Truth be told, Hubz gets all the credit for being the host with the most, as he single-handedly did all the required house cleaning AND most of the food preparation.  And then the poor guy was relegated to hiding in his upstairs office while we ladies wined and dined and yapped at full volume for 3 hours.  I think I owe him a dinner soon, of only buffalo wings and nachos…and my absence since lately I’ve been a little needy.


Since I cut short my trainer ride yesterday to get everything wrapped up in time for book club, I clocked in closer to 10 hours than 11 hours last week.  I had it in me to do more, I think, even with the race.  But this whole thing about fitting in “life” sometimes gets in the way.

Recovery week of about 7-8 hours coming up including three swims for active recovery (and one to check in on my benchmark test) and taking it pretty easy on the legs.  Then I’ll be running the Scope it Out 5K on Sunday as I do every year, and using it as a test to check in on my heart rate zones for running.

I also plan to use this week to get my eating back on track.  With my Mom in town and various other excuses in the past couple weeks to eat out, etc., I’ve slipped somewhat from my rules.  I think this is a large reason for the tummy troubles I had during the half on Saturday…and as training continues to ramp up I really need to get my body feeling better all around or else there’s gonna be a lot of crashing and burning in my future.

Monday: REST
Tuesday: AM – 2150 yard swim; PM – core/upper body
Wednesday: AM – 45 minute bike with intervals; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 2000 yard swim; PM – 55 minute run
Friday: AM – benchmark swim test; PM – core/upper body
Saturday: 35 minute pre-race run workout
Sunday: AM – 5K race (doubling as heart rate zone test); PM – 1-2 hour bike, indoors progressive or outdoors, depending on weather

Check out that Saturday – nothing but a short run?  HELLLOOOOOOOO sleeping past 7 am!

To read/think about: all the hubbub about plus-sized mannequins in Sweden.

Weekly Workout Plan: March 11-17, 2013 (20 weeks to IMLP)

Only 20 weeks left on the countdown to throw down at Lake Placid!

lake placid

Scary lake monsters: just one more reason to hang to the back of the crowd in mass swim start.

Again I have been delinquent in regular blogging.  No good reasons, just whiny “I’m busy” excuses.  Will do better, starting NOW.  No for real this time.


At least the busy has been a blast this time around…this weekend saw a lot of activity including a coaching session at Marie Reed on Friday night.  My coach gave me some pointers and went through some drills with me, and also assured me that overall I’m actually not a terrible swimmer (hurray! I’m better than just “controlled drowning”!)  Then on Saturday morning I ran the Four Courts Four Miler (race recap to come very soon, I promise!) and had a fantastic post-race brunch with fellow racers and friends.

Then on Saturday afternoon, the arrival of my Momz who is spending part of her spring break visiting us!  Momz time involved fun at the MLK memorial, my first OUTSIDE bike ride in months (not to mention my first with the new set up and aerobars!), shopping for new running shoes at Pacer’s (I’m SO pumped about my new shoes…again, promise more yapping on that is to come), hipster-watching at Union Market, and a delicious dinner out with friends at Matchbox on Sunday night.  Having established with both my failure to post regularly and my over-active parenthesization (totes a word, btw) that I’m already in the running for worst blogger award, it goes without saying that I failed to get fun photos of any of these weekend hijinx.


This weekend I am running the Rock and Roll USA Half Marathon on Saturday.  Although I was a little hesitant at first to throw a significant race into the IM training mix, I’m at peace with it now and I’m getting pretty excited.  The most important thing for me will be keeping in mind that I’m not in prime road racing shape (for example, last weekend’s four miler finish time was :15 sec/mile slower than last year’s).  I hit a major PR in last year’s RnR 1/2, but I don’t think I’ll match that this year unless I happen to run stumble a rainbow on my way to the start line and pick up some magical unicorn sparkly dust that makes me fly a little.  Or maybe I could just pre-fuel with this?


Monday: REST and hang out with Momz
Tuesday: AM – 2250 yard swim; PM – core
Wednesday: AM – pre-race track workout; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 1 hour bike with long intervals; PM – core
Friday: AM – 2000 yard swim; PM – 35 minute pre-race run/walk workout
Saturday: Rock and Roll Half Marathon
Sunday: 2 hour bike

This week should hit me a total of around 10-11 hours of training including the race on Saturday.  This will ensure that I will be 100% ready to party while hosting a very special St. Patrick’s day book club at my place on Sunday afternoon.  We’ve been reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I just started the book, but I can’t put it down!

Have you read Gone Girl?  Ready anything else good lately?

How can I develop that “MUST PHOTO EVERYTHING” addiction that all the cool blogger kids have?

Weekly Workout Plan: March 4-10, 2013 (21 weeks to IMLP)

So…I have again fallen behind and into deficient blogger category.  The last week has been crazy busy with work, a SUPER fun weekend visit with friends Boston, and a big assignment and a midterm (on the same day!) in my class.  But luckily, today was a SNOW day (HURRAH!!!), giving me the chance to recover and recoup, and catch up on some things.

Also due to the weather and various closures, I’ve had to make some adjustments to the original weekly plan, so I will claim that my tardiness was really just to make sure you get the most accurate info..

Monday: 70 minute run
Tuesday: 55 minute bike with short LT intervals
Wednesday: AM – 2 hour bike; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 2100 yard swim; PM – strength
Friday: AM – 40 minute run with strides; PM – 2600 yard swim
Saturday: Four Courts Four Miler; 45 minute easy spin
Sunday: 55 minute bike with short LT intervals

I’m super excited about the four miler race on Saturday.  This will be the second year for me running this race and joining some friends for some delicious brunch at their nearby apartment.  It’s St. Patty’s day themed, and as such festive attire is required.  Unfortunately, it’s also a 2 miles downhill + 2 miles uphill course, and neither my hill work or my speed work has gotten much attention lately.  But luckily every runner gets a free beer afterward!  Who needs a medal when you have beer?


Me nearing the finish of the Four Courts Four Miler last year. Homemade tutu!

Later on Saturday night my Mom will be arriving to spend a few days with us here in the Disco!  There will be much eating, drinking, and merriment!  Plus lots of time for Mom to bond with her grand-kitties, of course.

Looking for something to read?  Check out THIS The Sweet Life post of 10 things NOT to say if you want to avoid encouraging disordered eating in young women.  Food for thought.  Pun intended?

Weekly Workout Plan: February 25-March 3, 2013 (22 weeks to IMLP)

RECOVERY WEEK!  And oh how I need it.  My legs are pretty destroyed after the last 3 weeks of base building.

In very exciting news, last night I picked up my finally complete, re-fit and re-mastered bike!  I did my first ride on it this morning.  Although the weather was decent, I did my 2 hours on the trainer as an attempt to get used to the new set-up and new pedal system.  It was a good plan.  It also meant that I finally watched the first two hours of Deadwood, which was a long time coming.  I foresee a lot of Deadwood-accompanied trainer time in the future.  (Seriously, HBO Go is the greatest.)  Nothing eases the pain like a young Timothy Olyphant.  *Swoon.*

In other news, D and I are desperately seeking appropriate lodging for Eagleman in June.  The host hotel is booked, as are most hotels in a 30 mile radius.  We may have a lead on a great place but still waiting for things to shake out before we’re sure.  Why did I not book as soon as I registered?  You’d think I would have learned by now.

In the meantime, I’ve got a lovely recovery week planned….

Monday: REST
Tuesday: AM – 1800 yard swim; PM – 30 min core
Wednesday: AM – 45 min interval bike; PM – yoga
Thursday: AM – 55 min run; PM – 2100 yard swim
Friday: AM – 90 min brick; PM – rest
Saturday: 55 min run
Sunday: core + strength

Since tomorrow is a sleep-in and rest day, I am enjoying the Oscars telecast in all its glory tonight.  To be fair, I’m so exhausted that I won’t make it much past 10 PM, which is fine because I *literally* did not see a single nominated movie this year.  Pitch Perfect and Bachelorette were totally my fave movies of the year, and beyond that I think I only saw Hunger Games, Dark Knight Rises, and Skyfall.  Seriously, I am not good at movies.

Also, I must admit I was super bored by the fashion choices on the red carpet.  When did everyone get so afraid of wearing color, for gosh sakes?


But at least I got to see Harry Potter sing and dance.  And the Shatner?!  (Weird.)  And also a full musical number about boobs…and let’s be honest, the rest of the show had NOTHING on the sock puppets. I think we can all agree that we need more sock puppets in our lives.

I'm sorry but it's just plain true.

I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s just plain true.

Oh look, singing!  I do like singing.  And my personal favorite moment from the Oscars – realizing that Samantha Barks is Eponine in the movie of Les Mis!!!  I was a fan of her way back when I’d Do Anything was first re-broadcast on BBC America back in 2009.

If you’ve never watched any of the BBC Andrew Lloyd Webber casting reality shows, you really have no idea what you’re missing.  I am so disappointed that I didn’t realize this newfound success for her until now.  You go, Sam!  Now maybe I will have to suck it up and go see a movie.

Aaaand…please someone make Russell Crowe stop singing.  Now.  Please.  Thanks.  I think this is a sign that it’s my bedtime.

What did you think of the Oscars telecast?  

What was your favorite movie of the year? 

How do you celebrate/enjoy your recovery weeks?  

Weekly Workout Plan: February 18-24, 2013 (23 weeks to IMLP)

Last week wasn’t quite perfect.  I missed my Thursday morning 70 minute run because I tossed and turned all night and just couldn’t get out of bed to do it.  Unfortunately, the extra hour-ish of pseudo-sleep didn’t do much to help my mental state.  I had super busy and challenging week at work, and for much of it I felt like I was hanging on more tenuously than a 2000 Dade County ballot chad desperately seeking my slutty pumpkin.

Hey, remember when HIMYM was good?  *Sigh.*

Hey, remember when HIMYM was good? *Sigh.*

Also not helping my resting heart rate was the fact that I didn’t make it to my weekly session of forced meditation.  Wednesday will typically be my yoga day, but last Wednesday I was doing the bike fit thing.  I considered hitting a Friday class but decided to just do my strength routine instead.

Without that run and yoga, I only clocked in about 8 total hours of training last week.  Still nothing to sneeze out this far out from the IM, but I know it’s going to get a lot harder from here.

However, one thing I’ve resolved to do this training cycle is to stress less over the rough spots.  I’m not perfect and I can’t do everything right all the time.   (*gasp!* Yes, even I can admit this.)  Missing a run here or there is no biggie, and there will be far tougher challenges between now and July (not to mention like, in LIFE and stuff).  Plus there are more important things in life than triathlon (*double gasp!!!*), and training has to take a backseat to family, friends, and work…not to mention my sanity.  So I have to take the missed workouts for what they are and move on to the next workout, day, week, month, or whatevs.

intervention lolcat

And move on I will.  This week:

Monday: AM – 55 min run; PM – rest
Tuesday: AM – 2500 yard swim; PM – rest (pick up newly fit bike shop!)
Wednesday: AM – 60 min bike with intervals; PM – Yoga
Thursday: AM – 50 min run; PM – benchmark swim test
Friday: AM – 45 min bike; PM – strength
Saturday: 2 hour bike at the Bike to the Beach Polar Bear Challenge for Autism Speaks
Sunday: 2 hour run

The Polar Bear Challenge event on Saturday sounds like great fun so I talked some friends  into doing it with me.  (No, not that kind of bear.)  For 2 hours, we will ride as many 4.5 mile loops around the National Mall as we can.  Not the most hilly or demanding of courses, but a very pretty one in one of my favorite places (after 5+ years in the Disco, I’m still just a sucker for the monuments).  And it’s to benefit a great organization that does great work.  Plus, Hubz is planning to come out of his cycling pseudo-retirement to join us!  I’m just hoping for above freezing temps…my years away from the Midwest have made me soft and weak.


This is my third base building week in a row and I should come in somewhere around 11-12 hours total.  Next week will be my first official recovery week.  I’m not quite sure what it will look like yet, but I have faith in its sleeping-in potential and I can’t wait.