Sheer Madness: Lululemon Vows to Get To The Bottom Of Its See-Through Pants Problem


Woo, boy! Check your backside before you down dog, kids.  I’m too cheap to buy Lulu, but this does make me a little hesitant to crowd into a packed yoga room tomorrow night…


Compress yourself

Yesterday morning I went out for a pseudo-serious brick workout. 30 mile ride with some hills, followed by a 2 mile run (almost all the way on target with the weekly workout plan).  I would have run for a bit more, but the run was TOUGH on me.  It was warm and pretty humid, and I think I let my heart rate get up way too high in the last part of my ride, and then rushed through my “transition” to get back out as quickly as possible.  I think the combo did me in and I had to take it super super easy in the run, and cut it to 2 miles instead of a full 30 minutes as planned.

Also, my legs were feeling pretty darn rough after the brick.  So I decided to finally test-run the compression socks I bought last month with a killer schwaggle deal from Pro Compression.  I bought the marathon sock in what now appears to be a discontinued purple color.

They masquerade nicely under jeans so I don’t look like a (so much of a) total nerd.

So, what do I think of these little fellas?  Well, I definitely felt like they were doing something for my calves.  And I have had virtually no calf soreness today even after a workout that really felt like it was destroying me yesterday.  (My hips/hamstrings fared a bit worse, but not terribly).  But, I don’t generally have the calf soreness from running or biking.  Sometimes I will get some nasty soreness after a tough cross training workout with Cali, especially when there is jump rope or other such nonsense involved.  So, next time I will try them out when that happens.  I’d also like to try them while running, as I know there’s a strong contingent who would argue that the compression technology can help you perform better, not just recover better.

In other words, for now this girl’s jury is still out on compression socks.  Though I do think they look tres runner nerd chic.

Full disclosure re wimping out on workouts this week: I dropped the easy run scheduled for tonight on the weekly workout plan.  Mainly, I was just tired and feeling a bit of a threat of oncoming sinus/chest congestion.  But also, I had to hit up a few places for Gold Cup accessories!  (Ok, and I also desperately needed some new work clothes.)

No, Kittay will not be accompanying me in my handbag, no matter how much he may want to.  And yes, that hat does have the *SPARKLES*


Today was a big one in “look what came from Amazon while we were at work” news.

New bike shoes, a big ol’ bin of berry flavored Vega Whole Food Heath Optimizer, an exercise ball, and a full set of resistance bands.

This morning I did a 35 minute drill swim which was annoying interrupted for a bit by the rearranging of the pool from 25 to 20 yard lanes so that the water aerobics class could happen.  I love that I have a free DC public pool so close to me, but the free and public nature of it does sometimes create minor annoyances.  Anyway, it was still a decent swim workout.  Then tonight I came home after work and did this home tabata workout that I saw the other day on  I followed that up with some hip and core strength exercises recommended at my tri club’s most recent strength training clinic.

So far, two for two on weekly workouts!  Huzzah.