Just say no? Not really my thing.

Let’s start by recapping a recent conversation I had….

Lovely coworker M: “Are you planning to run the Rock and Roll USA this year?”

Me: “Well, I haven’t really decided.”  [Meaning…I really shouldn’t because it doesn’t fit into my IM training, but….]

Lovely coworker M: “I have been thinking of running the half marathon.  It would be my first.    But I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to it.”

Me: [Oh geez, here it comes.]

“Oh well of COURSE I will run it with you if you need moral support!  Running is awesome yayyyyyyy!!!!”

Lovely coworker M: “Really?  That’s great! Thanks!”

Me: [Ruh roh…that so doesn’t fit into my IM training plan does it.  Like, at all.]  “I am so excited!!!”

Excited as I was, and am, to rock another half, I realized that I may have a problem.  A problem saying “No.”

This March is a prime example.  I was already committed to a 4 miler on March 9 and a 5K on March 24.  Both of these are short races that could easily be factored into my training.  And both are annual events that I do with friends, so not to be missed.  But throwing a half in the middle there on March 16 complicates things a bit more.  I mean, I’ll do it and it will be awesome, but I’m going to stress about how I’m overtraining my run at the sacrifice of my bike and swim…which let’s face it, both need more work…especially the bike because ugh I am not powerful on that thing and really promised myself to work on it this season so 112 miles doesn’t DESTROY me…and I did so well recognizing that February marathon wasn’t a good thing and NOW what have I gone and done?!  And WHOAH I just need to breathe sometimes.  And yes, that is what being inside my brain is like for about 10 seconds.  You’re welcome.


So, I recognize I need to dial back on the road racing sometimes, but I don’t always follow through.  Like, I *may* have already pseudo-committed to running an 8K literally the day before my first Oly Tri of the season this May.  It’s another annual charity event for a friend, so I don’t want to miss it, but I may have to suck it up and pass on the running.  At least I can join the fantabulous bag check crew (if they’ll have me.)  Because you know, sometimes it’s nice to be able to walk on Mondays.

*Ahem* Let’s just skip the psychoanalysis part about how I hate saying no to anything or anyone and blah blah need for approval blah, shall we?  Good.

I do not at all regret agreeing to run the Rock and Roll USA half this year.  It’s been a really great race for me two times around, including last year when I blew my half PR out of the water.  And unlike the last couple, while I won’t have Matthew here with me this time (UNLESS…you know you want to!), I will have the chance to share my love of running and racing with my coworker who is a relative newbie to racing.  And that’s about as awesome as it gets.

But seriously, in the future…how do I do this?  Take a deep breath and count to ten?  Plan a ranging party for the night before any particularly tempting races?  Actually learn to exercise self control?  Yeah.  Unlikely.