Trainer Torture: Massage Style

Between the Zambia trip and conflicting schedules, I haven’t been able to schedule a session with my amahhhhzingly awesome trainer Cali in almost a month!  We were finally able to meet tonight after work.  The actual workout part of the session was less painful than anticipated (ok fine, except for the V-up to suicide sprint ladder…)  But the real pain came when she declared (with a somewhat sadistic grin, I might add): “OK, now I’m going to use the runner’s stick on your calves!”  The stick is THIS particular little instrument of torture:

I actually have one of these, but haven’t used it in years.  Which may be why she was so quickly able to locate outrageously tense knots in both of my calves which she then proceeded to “massage” (read: seriously. TORTURE. with the stick) for about 5 minutes on each leg.  Um, freaking OW.  Sigh.

This only came as a very necessary reminder of the importance of foam rolling, stick rolling, and good old fashioned stretching.  I know it’s only going to get worse as my training gets more intense in the next few months.  So many of us neglect this very important process.  For me, Cali wanted to start focusing on it in our training sessions because I have had some nagging knee pain that may be caused by some weird muscle knots resulting in alignment problems.  This is mostly just a minor inconvenience at this point, but could easily develop into a legit injury.

Seriously, how easy would it be for me to just work in some stretching and massaging during the several hours that I am otherwise sedentary in front of the teevee?!  Next week’s goals will almost certainly include a commitment to regular rolling and stretching sessions.

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