TV Tuesday

I watch a lot of TV.  And often I love to talk about it.  Thus, here is my first installment of TV Tuesday!  Where I ramble about whatever thing or number of things TV-related happen to be on my mind at the time.  This week will be fairly brief, just a short and sweet shout out of a new show that I’m currently digging.


Ok, really I’m just digging Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ performance.  She pretty much defines comic acting to me, and she makes me laugh out loud a grazillion times per episode on this show.

The premise is simple: Selina Meyer is the Vice President of the U.S., a post we are led to believe she was disappointed in taking after a long Senate career and an unsuccessful run for POTUS.  The show follows the ins and outs of Meyer’s attempts to make and keep herself politically relevant in an office notorious for fading into political insignificance.  I can’t vouch for its basis in reality, but as a setting for intelligent comedy it can’t be beat.  It comes from the same team (Iannucci, Blackwell, Gray, and Roche) who delivered the fantastic In The Loop, one of my all time favorite comedic films.  Same amount of witty banter, although with admittedly less outrageous British cursing.

I really enjoyed the pilot episode of Veep, and the third episode (this week’s).  I didn’t love the second episode nearly as much, due in no small part to the fact that several scenes were set in a fictional fro yo shop on “U Street” that looked nothing like U Street.  And I really really hate the lack of real location shooting in D.C.-based shows.  But that’s a rant for another time.  And they are primarily filming in Baltimore, so at least it’s in our neighborhood.

As I said, J L-D is fantastic in this show, and Tony Hale (aka Buster Bluth), Anna Chlumsky (My Girl!), Matt Walsh, and Reid Scott contribute to the banter-rific awesomeness as the VP’s inner circle of staffers.  I also love Timothy Simons’ interloper White House staffer.

This show, along with Game of Thrones, is quickly making HBO’s Sunday night lineup my favorite of the week.  (Ok, the jury’s still out on Girls…perhaps a post for another time…)